Call of Duty: Black Ops Golden Gun Glitch

This glitch allows you to access the GOLD camouflage before reaching Prestige 14, and as of January 17th the glitch is deemed “UNPATCHED”


" also unlocks every gun, and the Pro version of every perk."

"affects PS3 too"

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SMOK3xFFx2830d ago

I saw at least 3 people with this today but I suspect it will be patched quick just like the colored clan tag one.

LightSamus2830d ago

Do we have to have these articles that tells others how to do such glitches? Bad enough seeing em around without having others knowing too.

BX812830d ago

I don't know if this is new for the PS3 but this has been going on for a while now on the 360.

RXL2830d ago

wtf @ the people who figure this out..

it's mind bottling

CamelCarcass2830d ago

It's just switching lobbies during loading, it looks like it'd be pretty hard to patch.
And anyway, it's just a weapon camo, it doesn't affect the gameplay.
If they're gonna patch it any time soon, they should lower the damage on the 74u and Famas, and remove second chance or make it suck.

InfamousHero2830d ago

It is more than just gold camo. It unlocks every gun and the Pro version of every perk.

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