Rock Band Network 2.0 Changes Everything on February 15

Harmonix is set to rollout version 2.0 of the Rock Band Network, which allows users to create and upload their own music.

While this is good news, it also comes with a bit of bad as well. The switch to 2.0 means that the former version will no longer function, and that all songs currently being made with 1.0 will need to be published before February 14, and submitted no later than January 28.

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sickpup2831d ago

No details on what is changing? I assume it has to do with the addition of the Keyboard and better ways to integrate pro instruments. It is too bad they don't provide a free development platform for the PC where songs can be played and tested but then pay to upload. The whole $99 a year for the XNA membership is a bit much.

RogueCheddar2828d ago

Agreed, it should be easier for bands to submit their music.