Halo 3 has Original Halo Feel

Bungie let out ever-so-slightly more about Halo 3 in their latest weekly news update, saying that the game feels a lot like the original Halo, with big environments and fire fights.

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DC RID3R5380d ago

the MS garaunteed 10+ million seller!!!!


SEER5380d ago

Halo 3 will be the best for sure. But to any people who thought Halo 2 sucked- it was an excellent game. If you read all the hype about Halo 2 then you would be disappointed, but because i chose not to read anything related about Halo 2 until i bought the game, it turned out to be everything i was expecting-and more. The ending was controversial, but this is called a 'cliffhanger'. So i would say get over it to any complainer.

sphericalbrick5380d ago

As the previous poster said, the hype certainly does take the element of surprise away from parts of the game but i still feel that halo 2 was one of the all time greatest online (and offline for that matter) game on the xbox, and most likely on any console. I'm still playing it to this day!

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