Dualshockers: Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective Review

...what if this adventure puzzle ghost game really did exist, and not only was it not poop, but very nearly close to a perfect game in every single way, shape, and form?

…shame, now your head’s all exploded, and you won’t be able to experience the straight up truth with Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, an instant classic, and the game to play in 2011 so far.

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JoelT2920d ago

Wow, tons of positive reviews just keep flowing in for this. I think I may just have to pick this one up.

Chadness2920d ago

Guess I'll have to add this to the massive list of games I still have to play.

booni32920d ago

Very interesting looking title. Should be worth the price of admission with that score.

JohnColaw2920d ago

SUPER excited for this game. Been keeping an eye on it for awhile, hope to get it soon. It looks fantastic.

Danl2919d ago

I've been keeping up with this one ever since I heard the Phoenix Wright connection. Hopefully Capcom keeps supporting this franchise even if it doesn't sell millions out of the gate.

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