Microsoft Warns of Xbox 360 and Kinect Shortages

Botchweed: "2010 was the biggest year in the Xbox 360′s history, with a massive year-to-year sales boost of 42 percent. "

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MariaHelFutura2833d ago

It`s crazy what marketing can do for you...look at McDonalds.

Kon2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

Ok... Now marketing is supposed to be a bad thing?

Fred-G-Sanford2833d ago

It's funny (actually it's sad) how every year we are told that the 360 is on it's way out, and that the "year of the PS3" is just right around the corner, yet the 360 continues to sell like crazy and make fanboys look like giant tards. lol

Just give it up already, guys.

SCThor2833d ago

Yeah, crazy!! since PS3 is ACTUALLY outselling 360 worldwide..

deadreckoning6662833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

@MariaHelFutura- Yeah, its crazy how letting people know ur product exists helps you sell the product


R2D22833d ago


Trroy2833d ago

There are lots of Kinects and 360s in my town. I don't think there's a need to worry.

EddyD2833d ago

Start buying them and ebaying them for more when the shortage comes!

Tinasumsum2833d ago

So your town's stock will cover the demand worldwide?

EddyD2833d ago

With my current wallet i could buy maybe 2 at a push so my resale empire is hardly off to a good start :P

RockmanII72833d ago

If your looking to resell something, wait for the 3DS. I think that thing is gonna have a crazy resell value.

beardpapa2833d ago

Yea just came home from my local target and saw 17 of these and 4 of the bundles at the electronics section.

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Alpha_Gamer2833d ago

Kinect has been in stock the past week on Amazon.

Tinasumsum2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

If true that's great news Microsoft is starting to keep up with demand again after selling millions of Kinects and 360s a month. Just remember one village isn't a state like one region isn't the world.

sp1deynut2833d ago

"Note on Availability
This item is in high demand and supplies from Microsoft are limited. Its availability will fluctuate, and we cannot guarantee that we will receive additional quantities in a timely manner. For Kinect sensors shipped and sold by, we are limiting orders, when available, to one Kinect sensor per customer. We will not charge your credit card until we ship the product. This product may be available from other retailers on, and is covered by our A-to-z buying guarantee."

I work for an Atlanta GameStop, and when I went in today to return some games I checked out, they were breaking down all 360 and Kinect display boxes and taking them to the dumpster, because they have no idea when they'll get more in. Just because some retailers still have stock, doesn't mean the shortage isn't real. Most of what people are seeing in Best Buy, WalMart, etc, is the last shipments that they got, right after X-mas. Some retailers sold through their last shipments due to demand and/or pre-order fulfillment.

Tinasumsum2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

Don't bother his goal isn't to make sense he's just crying about the a$$ whooping PS3 is getting because of the 360 and Kinect. Demand is so high what he said could only be seen as good news. If he is telling the truth Kinect being in stores all over his town is fantastic news for Microsoft and the industry.

Alpha_Gamer2833d ago

Lol, I was just throwing it out there that Amazon has them. Maybe somebody would have found the information useful.

And if you want to talk about a "a$$ whooping" then lets talk about that worldwide spanking the 360 has been getting for years from both the PS3 and Wii.

Spartacus54052833d ago

Yes because this huge 1st party support in 2011 totally makes me want to buy a 360 now more than ever /s

IMO I think the lack of support from MS means the next xbox is coming in 2012, just a thought

EddyD2833d ago

You would only release a major upgrade for a console like the Kinect if it were compatible with the next version of the console and even then i don't think it makes much sense.

CptFlashHeart2833d ago

Erm, you can get them in abundance in the UK.

It's just you US lot going crazy for more MS shite. We are all happy on PS3 over here.. Seeing as that is where ALL the exclusives are this year.

But you carry on lapping up the reincarnated Wii games for your giant living rooms.

HarryMonogenis2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

"We are all happy on PS3 over here."

Don't talk for me, okay? I'm from the UK as well and that's not the case.

Amazon UK also has the "limited quantity" warning and quite a few GAME stores don't even have signs for Kinect because they have nothing left and don't want to attract Kinect buyers only to find there's nothing.

strickers2833d ago

I live in UK and every time I hear this marketing crap I check stores online.I've never seen Kinect sold out in the UK anywhere.I could have bought it in any store I walked into too.

Bucky Sligo2833d ago

Ironically, the UK is a stronghold for the Xbox360 in Europe.

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