7.5 DC Universe Online Review

Every year we hear the same old story; an eager developer touts their new game as the definitive MMO, the fanboys proclaim it as the first real WoW killer and then a few months later the subscription base dies and the MMO is forgotten by all. DC Universe Online is here, not only for the PC but also as the first subscription-based game on the PS3 platform. Is it a WoW killer? No, but god damn it is a whole lot of fun.

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SasanovaS19872833d ago

so so so so sad...never heard of the site but gonna put it on the "dont visit this garbage noob gamers site ever again" list. not only have you not played the game nearly enough to review it...AND ITS A FREAKING MMO...but to sacrifice your reputation for the sake of being first to review it...well thats just sad

Kerrby2833d ago

MMGN is an awful website, power hungry admins who ban everyone. No wonder the forums are practically dead.

hellerphant2833d ago

This is a review based on 30 hours of gameplay. As it states within the review we will be following this article up every few weeks with further thoughts as the game is fleshed out, the community grows or falls and go from there.

This game has a lot of potential players sitting on the fence. We hope this article gives them a feel for how the game plays. As for your snide comments, thanks for the vote of confidence.

inbetweener2833d ago


If that's the case you shouldn't have attached a score to the review until it is, as you said, fleshed out. You are well aware of the fact that all MMOs have teething pains which make it a little unfair to fully review day one or even week one.

Bobby Kotex2833d ago

LoL if he gave it a 9 you fanboys wouldn't be talking trash.

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inbetweener2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

edit - replied to the wrong person

Gaetano2831d ago

It's funny how Kerrby, the adult equivalent of a toddler with bowel problems, flames every MMGN article on here and calls MMGN shit, even though he was so angry and displeased when he was banned from the forums for being a complete ass. You can't call a website shit after you cry like a little girl from getting banned from it. Sour grapes, much? So which is it; either you love MMGN, or you hate it? You must love it. Shall I post all the comments you made to admin regarding your banning, or perhaps I can show the N4G community how you begged to be let in? It's all in the logs man. Your little PS3 fanboy mates from your little clan just look like a bunch of kids that have cry when their mum bans them from watching TV after 6pm.

Kon2833d ago

Right score for me.

Bolts2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

This game isn't perfect, there are a few quirks like chat issues, limited powers and the PC version feels consolized which can piss off some PC gamers...but the base gameplay and groundwork behind it totally unique in a sea of WoW/EQ clones.

Sony did a really good job with this MMO, they just need to patch and flesh it out some more.

rdgneoz32833d ago

Yep, enjoying the game. They just need to fix the bugs that are popping up quickly.

White-Sharingan2833d ago

lol no, it's at least an 8 or more, but to each their own.

KillahCam2833d ago

a 7.5 is horrible this is a great game with so much to do I actually stopped playing the so called game of the year (CoD Black Ops) and I actually like it better!

hellerphant2832d ago

If people think Black Ops is game of the year they shouldn't call themselves gamers. BLOPS is nothing but regurgitated bullcrap. Not to mention that the ending of the SP campaign is beyond insulting to our intelligence. it was fun for about fifteen minutes, but I'd call it an overhyped piece of shit to be honest.

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