70° - 2011's Least Inspiring Games

Gaming Union: With 2010 now long gone, and with 2011 already throwing down some games I personally feel it's taken an eternity to release, it's a time for excitement. Well, for the most part yes, but with the good always comes the bad. Or at least, what I feel will be the less compelling gaming experiences of the year. Bad game design, poor storytelling, agitating marketing campaigns and buggy release dates plague every year; while it's hard to determine which blockbuster hits may be epic failures sometimes we're given hits. Sometimes, it's fair enough to judge a book by its cover.

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mephman3489d ago

Oh man.

I actually do think Warriors: Legends of Troy might be semi-decent. I do really fear for X-Com though.

JDouglasGU3489d ago

X-COM likely has the best chance of succeeding out of that list.

Sanrin3489d ago

I'll agree with ya on that one.

Selyah3489d ago

There's always a few games that really do seem a bit bleh, though I agree with mephman that Warriors: Legend of Troy could be ok, I love dynasty warriors so it will be interesting to see how Koei interpret it.