CES 2011: Mouse Keyboard for Xbox 360

Andrew checks out the brand new Eagle Eye Xbox 360 mouse and keyboard adapter from Penguin United at CES 2011. The new Xbox 360 version allows any USB keyboard or mouse movements to be translated through the Eagle Eye adapter and a wired Xbox 360 controller.

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DualConsoleOwner2835d ago

then buy a PC....

you will have better graphics and KEY BOARD and Mouse...

AndrewE2835d ago

I agree, but there are some FPS' that are exclusive to 360 such as Halo: Reach and Gears 3. I doubt that they'll control as well, but it's nice there's a company making a product for this type of option.

Ducky2835d ago

I'd figure M+K with those aim-assists would completely destroy anyone else.

Would kinda be unfair. =/

Pixel_Enemy2834d ago

Without a web browser this is really only a FPS mod for PC lovers.

Pjuice2834d ago

those console fps games have aim assist would be better than controller but still not pc gaming...

wwm0nkey2835d ago

For $60 thats not too bad, obviously will give anyone who is using it an advantage.

xTruthx2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

Not everyone is good with mouse and keyboard. But there's a 99% chance that the ones who do buy it are good at it lol

Tsar4ever012835d ago

This should give any X360 FPS shooter game a slight advantage, If it works for all x360 FPS games.

DraconicPanda2835d ago

I see no reason why Microsoft couldn't just implement this through a software update....

iamgoatman2835d ago

It's because the ones who choose to use a KB+M will have a massive advantage over the ones that prefer a controller. You could get around this by having different lobbies for pad and keyboard users, but I bet most devs would see it as an unnecessary waste of time to implement, even if Microsoft allowed it, which isn't going to happen.

HornyHaggis2835d ago

Because if anyone really wanted to use k&m that much they would be on PC already. If MS implemented this they would have nothing over PC at all, maybe a few exclusives (haha no gaemz etc bla) but nothing else.

DraconicPanda2834d ago

@jimmy Riddle Devs would have virtually NO addition work to speak of... It would be a matter of changing controls and adding a lobby, those hardly seem like cumbersome tasks.

@HornyHaggis Your comment is beyond dumb. Thats like saying "Microsoft won't let you use a gamepad on PC because it will take away from the console market"

Even though I know this will never happen, I sure would love to see an update that implemented this feature instead of having to pay a 3rd party company for a overpriced piece of hardware.

256bit2834d ago

i have the ps3 of this and just to let you know. you wont really get the real m/k feel to it. pretty much it just mimics the controller, you wont get the same pc feeling when it comes to the mouse cause the sens is higher on this one. if you want to see for yourself. move your mouse left and right quickly and then if you have a gaming pc do the samething and you will notice the difference.

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