The top 10 PC exclusive games of 2011

Atomic PC: We take a look at the best PC titles that will be gracing screens in the coming year.

"With the madness of the Silly Season behind us, it can mean only one thing: we're in the gaming dead zone. January is traditionally a very quiet month on the gaming radar, and with the exception of a DC Universe Online here and a Dead Space 2 there, we're willing to wager you're dusting off some older titles. But all is not lost, with our collective gaming destinies all coming up Milhouse for the 2011 gaming calendar. Better yet, there are some quality exclusive titles heading to the land of keyboard + mouse combo, as it seems that developers are starting to remember that the PC is still a popular gaming platform."

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Darkfiber4928d ago

Diablo 2 WILL NOT come out this year. I will be in complete shock if it does.

But if you are speculating on release dates, how can you mention Guild Wars 2? The game speaks for itself so I don't need to list reasons why.

I do want to hear more about Neverwinter though and I'm glad it was mentioned. I have no idea how it will turn out since it's being developed by Cryptic and all, and it's not a traditional MMO, but everything I've read from it makes it seem like it can be an extremely dark and immersive co-op RPG, just what I am looking for. I really hope they don't screw it up, it has a lot of potential from the descriptions I've read of it. I doubt it'll come out this year though since it was just announced, and if it does it'll probably lack content and they'll expect players to make up the bulk of it for them which is weird, especially if they are going to be charging a monthly fee for it, but we'll see what happens.

NachosWithCheese4928d ago

There was an internal leak stating that Diablo III would be released by the end of 2011. This makes sense as StarCraft II isn't due for its next iteration until 2012; besides, the game has been in development for quite a while already!

The article didn't mention Guild Wars 2...

Darkfiber4927d ago

"Internal leak"? I can go online and say I work for Blizzard and I found out that the game will be coming out by the end of 2011! It's speculation based on a rumor that anyone could start. It's Blizzard and you are telling me that even though the game is almost a year away still that they know exactly when it'll come out and that it wont be delayed? They have no idea when the release date is, I assure you. The game is far from being done by Blizzard's standards. They are not even done creating classes and content yet, let alone taking a year or more after that to polish the game. The StarCraft II "expansion" release date has nothing to do with the release date of Diablo 3. If you'll recall, StarCraft II came out only months before Cataclysm. It means nothing.

Also, I meant to say how can you NOT mention Guild Wars 2.

Kon4928d ago

True, Diablo 2 won't come out this year because it was released in 2000

Relientk774928d ago

I was just about to type this exact comment lol

Nice Kon

Darkfiber4927d ago


NachosWithCheese4927d ago

You can, but I'm still willing to bet it'll be out before the year is through. Yes, I understand that StarCraft II and World of Warcraft both have different teams working on them, but I'm thinking the leak (whether legitimate or not) will prove true as Diablo III will be a big Blizzard launch for 2011.

Guild Wars 2 was on the shortlist but didn't make my final 10.

schlanz4927d ago

Well I have to agree that Guild Wars 2 deserves a definite spot on that list. The first GW was fun. But GW2 looks plain amazing... certainly the one MMORPG I'm looking forward to getting sucked into, and the first in more than a couple years.

I think D3 will release this year, though. I won't be stunned if it gets pushed back to 2012 but I think now that SC2 released they probably have been putting more attention into finishing Diablo.

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Relientk774928d ago

My top PC game for 2011 is definitely Diablo III
I loved Diablo II

Theo11304928d ago

Where are both of the Dawn of war games?

Pandamobile4927d ago

Far too many PC games coming out in 2011 for everything to make a top 10 list, but I agree that DOW should have been in there over something like BF Play4Free.

NachosWithCheese4927d ago

Do you mean the Dawn of War II standalone expansion?

If so, the last word of the above sentence is why it didn't make the cut.

evrfighter4927d ago

And battlefield 2 cash shop did? Nice

Thrillhouse4927d ago

Here's a MASSIVE list of games coming out for PC this year:


Looks incredible.

Ducky4927d ago (Edited 4927d ago )

Battlefield Play4Free just looks like filler on that list.
I don't think anyone is seriously looking forward to it since Battlefield3 will just pound it down.

Edit: Well, I guess y've got a point.

NachosWithCheese4927d ago

Actually, it was to put a viable FPS on the list that wasn't multiplatform. I honestly think that is a great choice... plus, it's free! As if the vast majority of PC Battlefield lovers won't at least try it at that price.