F.E.A.R. Demo in Latest OXM

The latest edition of Official Xbox Magazine, October 2006, apparently has a demo disc containing a playable version of F.E.A.R.

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Silverwolf5380d ago

demo as the one release back on the PC. It has a few hiccups but over all the game runs very well. This should be all ironed out by the time the game is released.

TheMART5380d ago

Lame Lame-voter

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kingboy 21 Aug 2006 06:46

Well I guess it isn't a kingboy actually but a Freaking Fony FANBOY! hahaa. you want it baby?

Same, you played it already? Is it like PC with highest settings on?

SEER5380d ago

I'm split as whether playing demos is a good/bad thing. I think it's both.
GOOD POINTS- You get to experience the game before purchase (well, with the majority of demos anyway). This can help you decide whether you like it or not.
BAD POINTS- Early builds are what they say on the tin- early. These builds can be buggy and give the wrong impression to what could be a great final retail version game.

TheMART5380d ago

Well yeah, but that pushes company's to release good checked demo's.

And every user is aware early build demo's can always have some problems I guess that finals don't have. But still, it saved me from buying some games and on the other hand, made me purchasing others with urge!

One should always check the final reviews after playing a demo, before buying. Always

Silverwolf5380d ago (Edited 5380d ago )

I played the PC demo and the recent OXM 360 demo. The 360 version looks like the PC with all settings maxed. Then again to really make a comparison you need an HDTV (Like I do). The lighting looks more like bloom instead of HDR. But then again this is an early build so textures and lighting can change with the final build. The aiming is a little off, not too bad but off some what. Anyways for being an early build it looks good and plays rather smoothly.

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