Fight Night Champion to deliver a KO

One more heavyweight entry in the Fight Night gaming family, dubbed Fight Night Champion, looks to be in great shape and EA is certainly talking the talk.

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deadreckoning6662831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

I want a demo first.

@dk- They did the Pacquaio/Hatton demo for FNR4. I don't see why they wouldn't do something similar for Fight Night Champion.

dkblackhawk502831d ago

A demo would be nice...but uh...probably not happening.

lsujester2831d ago

I vote for a Pacquaio / Mayweather demo, as that is the only way that fight is gonna happen.

jack who2831d ago

kinect support or phail!!

eggbert2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

they said themselves they weren't including motion tracking because they couldn't incorporate it in a way that didn't tire out the player too fast.

That, and there'd be no force feedback so neither move/kinect controls could be 1:1 since the arms would be going through each other. This would result in gesture based punches, which isn't nearly as exciting.

Was hoping for some move controls though, but I'll guess I'll just stick with The Fight: Lights out. Its actually a pretty fun game but the player movement can be a bit hard at times when you are trying to move and punch with the same controller.

EDIT - ALSO they need to fix the damned online component. I estimate I played about 40-50 online matches (for trophies) and I only ever got to finish about 10-12 of them because everyone would just leave when they started losing badly enough. This is supposed to reflect in the DNF (Did not finish) % next to their name, but the highest DNF I ever saw was 3% which makes me think the online component had a few problems.

2831d ago
eggbert2831d ago

I've played Kinect boxing, and it's NOTHING at all like real boxing. The head movement would have to be based off of head movement, and I have no idea how they would even implement 3d character movement on Kinect. If kinect boxing tires you out in it's 3 rounds with ONLY arm movement, than 12 rounds of arm movement/head movement/character movement would probably be undo-able for you. I mean they could probably implement some form of motion controls into the game that would mimic those found in Kinect boxing for the Kinect version or The Fight for the Move version, but ultimately the gameplay itself would have to be different from the gamepad gameplay. I doubt they are going to want to make separate control schemes for 3 different ways to play.

And I don't mean this to offend, but I think you'd have a hard time counter punching with Kinect. The lag isn't terrible, but it's usually around 1/4 second to 1/2 second (at worst) lag, and in the Fight Night games, your Counter Punch opportunities generally last for less than 1 second.