One Piece: Unlimited Cruise SP Scan

A new scan reveals Boa Hancock and Ivankov to be in One Piece: Unlimited Cruise SP.

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Myst2830d ago

We need a One piece game similar to Ninja storm on the PS3 and 360, or something akin to Jump Superstars would be awesome. Either way I really need to snag another DS and pick this up.

Myst2830d ago

Well raises my incentive to get one *slaps head for not remembering that as the first sentence and rather looking to the tag*

tayz2830d ago

me too. i am looking forward to 3ds. this game is looking good to me so far.

Honest_gamer2829d ago

i want a one piece game on the ps3 or 360 so bad, one piece is infinity better than naruto in every way yet they only make the games on Nintendo stuff?