EVE Drops Support for 'Old Timer' CPUs

As if your old computer crapping out on you wasn't bad enough, imagine your game running perfectly fine one day and then failing to work the next because of an online update. That's exactly what EVE developer CCP plans to do with their Incursion 1.1.0 deployment tomorrow, and it's guaranteed to piss people off.

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Zinc2926d ago

I mean, that's unfortunate for the people still using those kinds of rigs, but yikes... Pentium 3 and AthalonXP? I had a Pentium 3 back in '99... It's time to move on. I mean, if you can afford to spend $14.00 a month on a subscription, you should be able to upgrade to something higher than a Pentium 3.

mrv3212926d ago

I don't know if that'd work but for $30 it only 2 month sub.

ATiElite2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

I'm sorry I'm really really sorry but if your paying $14 a month to play Eve Online and are still gaming on a Pentium 3 with a dam socket 378 MOBO or a Athlon 64 K6 SLOT "A CARTRIDGE"! I'm sorry to inform you I'm gonna have to send the orderlies from the "Silicon of Rest Retirement Home" to your house and haul that PC away. Or at least take it out back and "put it down".

No Starbucks No Mcdonald's No Doritos No MT. Dew for a week will get you a new Dual core SSE2 processor and a MOBO w/ an integrated GPU that can run Crysis. It also will lower your cholesterol.

@ MRV321 Yes that would work but for $17 more I would get the Athlon X2 dual core CPU and that Sempron is AMD's off brand chip and is the next to be discontinued and is now the "poor performer" of AMD's line up.

hassi942926d ago

This isn't article worthy. I thought it was gonna be like Pentium 4 processors being blocked out, because that would be a bit unfair (I know a fair number of casual gamers still on pentium 4), but Pentium 3 and older? Anyone can afford better than that, I just sold my old 2.8GHz pentium 4 with 1gb ram, 160gb hard drive with Windows XP and everything for £50/$75.

I'm sure people playing subscription online games can afford that.

Kon2926d ago

Lmao do people still use this kind of rig? It's time to move on, we're not in 2001 anymore

ATiElite2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Buh buh buh Pc gaming is so expensive. You gotta upgrade every time you buy a new game. You gotta spend $3000 to play Crysis. You can't game from the couch. blah blah blah.

I'm sure I'm gonna see these type of post but I'm happy Eve is ditching SSE 1 Cpu's and that DICE has said bye bye to DX9 in Battlefield 3 because OLD HARDWARE and DX9 are really the things holding back PC gaming.

Intel Pentium III released February 1999
AMD Athlon XP released October 2001
Yes it's past time so upgrade for the advancement of PC gaming.

dlohnug2926d ago

You were spot on, 3000 is what it would take to run Crysis with max 16xAA and Very High, with a few tweaks, at about 60fps or higher :P

SKUD2926d ago

I really want to try this game but its just too huge.

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