loot-ninja: Kung Fu Live! Demo Impressions

The game uses you and your living room as a setting for the battlefield. In order to play, you’ll need to clear out some space in your living room. How much space you ask? How about 7 to 9 feet. 7 to 9 feet might not seem like a lot, but I had to move my couch (which is in a pretty substantial living room) all the way back to the back wall and block off a doorway. I usually have about a 2 to 3 foot walkway behind the couch, but for Kung Fu Live!, it needed all of it. After the reconfiguring of the couch, all of the coffee tables and TV trays also needed to be moved to the side as well. Like I said, you’ll basically need to turn your humble abode into a yoga studio in order to play Kung Fu Live!.

After getting the living room clear, I proceeded to calibrate my Playstation Eye camera to see my entire body in all of this new space. This is where a motion sensor and motor on the camera (like a Kinect) would have been awesome.

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