Most Played Xbox 360 Titles for Week of 7 August

Call of Duty 2 comes out top of the list for the most played Xbox 360 titles for the week that was 7 August 2006. Check out the full list, plus which Arcade game came tops, inside.

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R Swipe5380d ago

Simple question for Kingboy, I think most users realise by now that you are awaiting the PS3.

Therefore, why do you feel the need to vote everything article related to XBOX360 as lame?

As you are waiting for the PS3 I assume that you have very little else to do with your time, other than to read what gamers on other next gen, sorry let me correct that gamers on the only next gen system available at the moment, are getting up to?

One could argue that behaviour like that is highly immature.

Dusk5380d ago

It's just another example of the desperation of Sony fans.

ACE5380d ago

if u notice its haha and kingboy sad idiots ,,

ne way back to the article i playd alot of pray / lord of the rings bfme 2 ..

gearing up for the next batch of amazing games on the way

kewlkat0075380d ago

better to do I guess. counting how many teraflops the PS3's "cell" can do gets boring after a while...

Anyhow can anyone think of why Square came out with that final Fantasy XI on the 360? I'm not really into massive multiplayer online you think they come out with others on the 360?