Joystiq - Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Xbox update kills the online multiplayer

Good news, Abstergo Agents -- you've got the day off! Your rigorous training exercises on the online multiplayer portion of the Xbox 360 version of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood have been interrupted.

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Bounkass3544d ago

Lol, ubisoft ubisoft ubisoft...

divideby03544d ago

dont you find it amazing the absolute shoddy work products these developers allow.. NO other industry would put up with this type of crap...

sjaakiejj3544d ago

You'd be surprised.. Companies have been using Microsoft Windows for a long time.

The_Great_D3544d ago

thats what people get for buying a game on that BROKEN system. the ps3 version is working just fine :-)

electricshadow3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

Because the PS3 version of games have never had problems. Stop being a fanboy.

*EDIT* Looks that he created the profile 18 hours ago and constant 360 bashing. Right. Don't worry, you'll be down to one bubble soon enough.

BX813544d ago

Look at this clown! Must I remind you about SOCOM? You probably never played it because mommy and daddy just gave you, your PS3 for Xmas! LOL. Silly little troll.

DelbertGrady3544d ago

Talk about making something out of nothing.

"it's because some players seem to be having trouble downloading the game's latest title update, locking them out of any and all of Brotherhood's online offerings."

BlueEye3544d ago

Only Xbox? Hmm. Well hope this will be fixed so that these people can play the fun fun fun Multiplayer that AC: Brotherhood has.

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