5 Reasons Why The 3DS Will Own!

Botchweed: "It’s hard to believe that the 3DS is out in Japan next month. It was revealed to the public at E3 2010 and was greeted by screams and tears of joy from hundreds of manchildren."

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iamnsuperman2884d ago

I am not bashing the 3DS but the only reason is the gimmick of 3D without glasses. It might have good games but the only thing that is going to make it sell fast is the gimmick

Octo12884d ago

But that's the thing. Game journalist are baffled as to how well 3D works with out the glasses.
The games that will be coming out for it makes me personally want to get one.
All that being said I'm not getting one. Too rich for my blood.

LoaMcLoa2883d ago

I've always hated 3D because of the need to wear glasses, but with 3DS that problem is solved. Now the 3D will actually be a selling point to me too, with the improved graphics and new games as well.

zero_cool2882d ago

five reasons 3DS sucks...
1.$300?...go f*ck yourself!
2.weak hardware specs...go f*ck yourself!
3.poor screen design...go f*ck yourself!
4.seriously cartridges still?...go f*ck yourself!
5.More of the same games again?...go f*ck yourself!