How popular are XBLA games?

Examiner - "Microsoft always seems to talk about console attach rate but rarely do you ever hear about how many Xbox LIVE Arcade games the average user downloads. With this in mind, I polled Xbox 360 owners across a half dozen gaming forums over the past two weeks to find out."

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NoobSessions3973d ago

Im surprised that many people own 21-30 Arcade games o_o
I've got a couple, + some indie games... either way, money well spent.

guigsy3973d ago

21-30? I don't even that that many 360 games!

Xander7563973d ago

Yeah it seems on average people own more XBLA games than regular 360 games. I was surprised by that as well.

NegativeCreepWA3973d ago

I have 50-60, a lot of which were impulse buys out of boredom. Also around 20 PSN games.

Cajun Chicken3973d ago

I have about 12. Most of which are ports such as Rez HD, Doom, Doom 2, Duke 3D and Serious Sam HD FE and SE and a few originals such as The Maw, Shadow Complex and 4 XBLIG titles.

However, I also own about 23 PSN games. I own none of the same digital games for both consoles.

hoops3973d ago

The funny part is there will be more XBLA exclusive titles in 2011 than regular Xbox360 games.
How twisted is that?
MS needs to wake up and start focusing on releasing 1st party and 2nd party titles besides Gears 3 and Forza 4.

sleepy33973d ago

Or you can just play the other games that come out that aren't exclusive. Just cause a game is exclusive doesn't mean its better than everything else. Its pretty obvious that people who just play games can care less if a game is exclusive or not. If they did, exclusive games would be at the top of the PS3 and 360 sales charts... which they MOST DEFINITELY are not.

You need to play games that are fun, not cause they have a "only for *insert console*" logo on the box.

thebudgetgamer3973d ago

between arcade and indy i own 32 games.