Why Square Enix need to cultivate their Fanbase

Ahead of tomorrow's 1st Production Department Premiere, UFFSite pass opinion on why Square Enix needs to up their game in terms of their support for the Final Fantasy Fan Community.

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Kon2928d ago

They need, but they don't do this.

AP2928d ago

With the way FF has changed over the years, though, and how recent entries have split the fanbase, they could really do with a strong voice to represent them in the fan community.

Anarki2928d ago

KH3 and a ff7 remake would fix this, imho

Baka-akaB2928d ago

No thanks . it's partially because they (and some people) are stuck in the remake mentality , that they dont truly move forward and get bold .

A ff7 remake will not help things . it will do lots of money (wich was not the issue anyway ), but generate mostly bitching ... between those feeling the game should be the same only graphically ace , and those that want more changes to ff7 .

Eamon2928d ago

I would love an FF7 remake.

But I would also love FFvs13 and FF15 to be good games.

deafwing2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

giving the fans what they want is half the battle
we're talking about a company that set the stage for what RPGs should be like - they totally made some serious bad calls in the past; that should be fixed

Tommykrem2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Quinton Flynn should be spokesman for the company, AND voice actor in every single FF game. Not just Reno in FFVII spins offs, but in every damn game.

Final Fantasy XIII was very good in my eyes, but here's hoping that Versus XIII will be great.

densai2928d ago

an ff7 remake wont fix anything.

ComboBreaker2927d ago

Square Enix already got Microsft's monthly checks.

ThanatosDMC2927d ago

Let classics be classics like FF7 and FF8. I dont want SE to screw it up. RIP Squaresoft.

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Man In Black2928d ago

They remind me of Sega and Namco Bandai, in that they seem to not give a shit about their fanbase.

SaiyanFury2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

I honestly wouldn't include SEGA with Namdai and S-E. SEGA does give a crap about their fans. They weren't planning on bringing Yakuza 3 over, but after a loud outcry from fans, they did, even if they cut a bit of content (which shouldn't have been cut). Now SEGA verbosely announced that Yakuza 4 will be coming quite early compared to Yakuza 3, and we're all assuming they're gonna bring out Yakuza: Of the End. Personally I can't wait. On another note, Square already has a fanbase, but they're starving us. We really loved them on the original PlayStation and on the PS2, but this generation, they're killing us. Lame game after lame game they keep releasing to us, starving us of our JRPG fill. Maybe it's one man's opinion, but that's my take on the matter.

Baka-akaB2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Except i'd still include them .

They redeemed themselves a bit with Yakuza . But they've ruined and are still ruining every franchise they own that isnt a new one .

I can't just praise Sega for releasing (with cuts) what they should have anyway . SE release everything they've got after all if we go there .

Tuxedo_Mask2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )


Neither Square-Enix or SEGA are perfect, but I prefer SEGA over SE right now. SEGA takes more chances than SE and while I don't think FFXIII was as bad as everyone says it is it was lackluster. SEGA has made new games like Valkyria Chronicles, Resonance of Fate, and took a big risk with Alpha Protocol. SE has ridden the popularity of the Final Fantasy Series and their "first multiplatform title", The Last Remnant, only appeared on the Xbox360 and PC. SEGA has made mistakes, but they've proven that they learn from them and at least try to make good games.

SE seem to be taking steps towards a similar style of developing, but it's taken them longer to get the message and a lot of their actions seem to be more about money than quality. SEGA at least seems to realize that quality games lead to money rather than just expecting them to sell on name alone, although we'd all like to see Valkyria Chronicles return to the PS3 at least they're making more in the series. Hopefully what we see in the coming hours will be a SE that we can all be happy with rather than more of the same disappointment.

laaakokaracha2927d ago

They needed , now its too late.

cheap talk will not be enough this time.

Herminator2928d ago

Completely agreed, Square seems stuck in their mentality as a Japanese giant corporation, where the attitude is "We decide what the fans want".

GSpartan7772928d ago

Very well written article to who ever did it. I'm really impressed with the quality of it and I do agree that SE regardless of their past success needs to learn from other companies.

m23452928d ago

i agree. they've been making some very off-the-wall decisions lately that's only going to drive a stake through their company.

redDevil872928d ago

I liked this article.

I bet SE can't wait until this gen is over lol

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