Digital Spy: L.A. Noire Preview

Digital Spy writes: "L.A. Noire feels not only like a brave new step for Rockstar but also a potentially significant leap forward for video gaming. Last year's Heavy Rain really showed that gamers are happy to engage in so-called menial tasks if the drama and weight behind them gives the process meaning. L.A. Noire, with its heavy focus on detection, observation and careful consideration, could well build on the success of Quantic Dream's groundbreaking title. However, the real challenge for the game will be in its sense of balance - can the individual cases really get the right mix of detective work, action and third-person shooting to satisfy the vast majority of players? Equally, will the overarching narrative have sufficient weight to ensure the focus on individual investigations doesn't make the game feel episodic? These and other questions will be part of L.A. Noire's interrogation when the game makes its case later in the year."

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