Is Boxing Dead?

Peter Moore: I hear the question often - Is boxing dead? My answer is always an emphatic no.

Is the sport challenged by declining interest, a lack of bona fide superstars (sorry Manny) and the growth of mixed martial arts? Absolutely. Does the sport miss the dynamic legends of the past, like Ali, Frazier, Foreman and Holmes? Of course. As a lifetime fight fan, I will always remember as a young boy listening to the big fights from America on a transistor radio under my pillow at night. Those were the days when there was no bigger global sporting event than a world heavyweight championship fight. While title fights still routinely generate tens of millions of pay-per-view dollars and are watched by millions, the sport of boxing clearly is not the cultural fixture it once was. But, let me be clear, boxing’s not dead.

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NoobSessions2833d ago

All I hear about is UFC fights nowadays.

hennessey862833d ago

every time i turn it on all i see is two blokes rolling hugging on the floor, maybe im just unlucky with the fights i choose i dont know but from what ive seen its not for me but each to there own and you only had to watch the kahns last fight to boxing is back and with modern greats like paquiau and mayweather still fighting boxing is still top.

SasanovaS19872833d ago

boxing is a gentlemans sport. UFC is trailer trash to be honest. most of the fighters there are just shameless, trailor trash type hooligans. not that i dont watch UFC on occasion, but boxing is about 100 times classier and more exciting to watch...pacman vs margarito the other month, my god...thats called a fight!

NoobSessions2833d ago

Although I dont watch either.... so Idk.

hennessey862833d ago

is you get a great boxing game with every new gen. Fight night 3 was amazing, i couldnt stop playing it and all were getting now is sequels with the same game mechanics with gimmiks like this new story mode. the next big leap will come next gen.

Apocalypse Shadow2833d ago

the problem was EA doing what they always do...BUY UP THINGS to create a monopoly and stop this case,the boxers names,likeness,etc.

same as they did with football.the same thing would have happened if they would have gotten the nba and mlb license.

i'm american but big business american companies seem to like to lock up sh!t and ruin things.

NYC_Gamer2833d ago

EA ruined boxing games because due to lack of competition we're stuck with minor gameplay updates every year

CBaoth2833d ago

EA didn't ruin boxing games, the sport of boxing itself did. Sleazy promoters, corruption, greed, lack of enforcing decisions made by boxing entities, too many weight classes diluting the talent pool, etc... Burt Sugar and other boxing journalists have been lamenting these detrimental factors long before the appearance of even Mike Tyson's Punchout, so one can't place the blame on EA this time.

NYC_Gamer2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

those fight night games fail to capture the sport....

1)foot movement=terrible
2)knockouts=way too over done
3)where is clinch punching?
4)where is the ref?his role is important in real life
5)the punches sound/look awful
6)messed up camera angle
7)the game freezes too much and shows you the counter=c'mon stop holding peoples hand

EA should hire real experts to help on this supposed to be boxing sim.

jetlian2833d ago

no competition because no one wants to make a boxing game. Each fighter has to agree and be paid to be in a game.

foot movement is ok. theres no way of capturing the many styles of foot work. KO are ment to look good. Clinch fighting i'll give you seeing Knockout kings had them.EA gonna bring it back as a feature later I bet.

Sounud seems ok just they never give the impression your in danger.The ref is in this game. never had freezes and the slow mo counters are gone

Wh15ky2833d ago

I agree with you NYC_Gamer, although the updates are generally every 2 years not every year. EA have not progressed the game in the right direction. The best update to Round 4 was the ability to get in close with your opponent (playing Round 3 now looks terrible with the invisible shields) but the inability to clinch and punch meant it didn't add as much as it could have.

How did everything you list ruin boxing games? I can see how they have been detrimental to the sport but, how so, as far as the games are concerned?

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