Call of Duty: Black Ops – Watch the First Strike DLC Preview now!

Treyarch have just released the first preview video of the First Strike DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops. The DLC will hit on 1 February 2011 for XBox 360 users and at a later date for those playing on PlayStation 3 and PC. offers some thoughts and details on the DLC.

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lugia 40003811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

If this is 1200msp, no.
Med size maps and a destructible bridge? Shame that bad company 2 has 4 maps (5 now) that are destructible, much bigger and have new weapons and vehicles, for the same price.

KingLizzle3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

It's around the same price-point as the MW2 DLC and at least they aren't recycling old maps. It also includes a new Zombie map called Ascension which isn't covered by the preview.

I do wish COD would have a destructible environment like BC though - makes the battle more imaginative and if there's a camper you can destroy the building with him in it!

EDIT: yeah I agree the price is too high these days. WaW prices were much fairer. I guess they can charge what they want because they know a large proportion of users will buy the DLC regardless of price.

lugia 40003811d ago

WAW had 3 maps and 1 zombie map for 800, adding one more map doesn´t justify 1200, but thats my opinion.

imvix3811d ago

Too bad for lolvision TF2 gets free map updates from the community. Good decision not buying this game.

Highlife3811d ago

They should let you use all of your old maps from previous DlC that would be a big incentive to getting some maps knowing that you can use them latter on. Anyway will be selling this once killzone is out.

deafwing3811d ago

bfbc2 is dope; why am I here gonna go play now :p

Zydake3811d ago

Trolls are so mysterious why bring a discussion about BFBC2?

CaptainPunch3811d ago

Who wants to buy new maps for a broken game?

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georgeenoob3811d ago

Yay let's listen to the sad pussy campers and add more verticality and sniping positions. Not buying this shit either way for 15 bucks.

DoomeDx3811d ago

@ Lugia 4000.
Bad company 2 has 5 maps?

Acatama Desert, Isla Innocent, Panama Canal, Arica Harbour, Heavy Metal, Coldwar, Harvest Day, Oasis, White Pass, Nelson Bay. Laguna Presa, Laguna alta.

Damn i love BC2. 1 map is about the size of all Black Ops maps combined.

Op243811d ago

atleast the maps are varied. This map pack might actually be worth it.

KingLizzle3811d ago

Agreed. I'm much more excited about the release of First Strike than I was for either of the MW2 DLC packs.

Op243811d ago

same. I really wanna see that zombie map though. Ascension just sounds awesome.

P_Bomb3811d ago

MW2 map packs were trash. 3 new maps and 2 OLD COD4 maps that you're forced to re-buy even if you just want the others was such a scam.

Looks like the Activision $14.99 price point is here to stay, but for fans at least the Black Ops pack has 4 new maps and one new zombie map. 5 all new maps in total.

But yeah, [email protected] had 4 new maps per $9.99 pack. Paying an extra $5.00 for just one more map is something people are gonna notice.

DrRichtofen3811d ago

I wonder whether the new zombie level is gonna have the WWII characters or the new JFK, Nixon characters.

Sillyace923811d ago

it's gonna have the WW2 one's.

Zydake3811d ago

I wanted to see gameplay on that too..

MarioWarfare3811d ago

Not very inspiring but you can be sure that this overpriced DLC will sell more than most other games out there.

-Alpha3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

You are paying $3/map which is standard for nearly all DLC map packs (Killzone, Halo, etc) BC2 being the only exception

Kon3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

Looks cool. But 1200Msp?? This is an outrage!