Final Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Roster Is 36 Characters

DamnLag - Sorry, folks. It looks like the dreaming and excitement will soon be coming to an end. A recent review from UK magazing Games TM states that the final roster is 36 characters.

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lociefer2834d ago

one thing thts puzzling me is, why the hell not give the fans wut they want, ghost rider , phoenix wright, megaman, etc, i mean they said the game was made due to fans demand so give em wut they want dammit

Myst2834d ago

At the same time it is Capcom the same people we have asked for a Monster Hunter version on PS3 and yet we are left empty handed. They will give fans what they want, but it is only a select few and sometimes not at all.

young juice2834d ago

im mad as hell they didnt put jin in here. he was the only one i could really use to combat my friends wolverine spam.

oh well... this and mortal kombat is gonna take care of my multiplat games for the year since sony wanna be rapin erbody' up in hur.

redDevil872833d ago


All the fan stuff is coming in DLC. Its Scamcom after all.

Baka-akaB2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

Depends who are you calling fans .

There are fans of the game who dont care about the comics , and there are those that do but stopped reading a while ago , and there are those that still read them .

Some of the criticized Marvel characters do have fans .

Again It' obvious Marvel and capcom , well at least Marvel is prioritizing putting in characters they feel relevant in current comics or are trying to push .

killcycle2833d ago

Instead of a possible awesome character they gave us all Shehulk as if the original Hulk weren't enough. lol

ElementX2833d ago

"why the hell not give the fans wut they want, ghost rider , phoenix wright"

Last time I checked, Phoenix Wright doesn't attack anyone nor does he use weapons. What is he going to do? Yell "objection" to damage enemies?

lociefer2833d ago

and arthur just throws his spear but they made it work, they could fit him in

RockmanII72833d ago

If Nintendo can give Caption Falcon a moveset for SSB, Capcom can give Phoenix Wright a moveset for MvC. It's called being creative, more company's need to learn how to do it.

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don_ninja2834d ago

36 I feel is a good amount. But as always we all would just want "1 more".

Mastersnake102834d ago

I still feel like the Marvel side is really lame

crzyjackbauer2833d ago

i know right, wheres the Punisher?
instead we get she-hulk LOL

and the capcom side is kinda lame too
i would have traded Chris for Leon
no Samokoske Akechi? no Virgil from DMC3?
WTF capcom

killcycle2833d ago

We got Dante no need for Virgil.
They need to just do one character from each Marvel and Capcom game each insteading of wasting 2-3 character slots on side characters like Trisha from DMC.

Then they could have had some nice characters like Megaman, Silver Surfer,and even the main character from Monster Hunter all with unique attacks

Tony-Red-Grave2832d ago

@killcycle unless you played DMC and understand the game don't mention which characters should or shouldn't be in, hence why i don't bring up SF i don't know the characters so i've no right to say who should be in. also it trish not trisha

crzyjackbauer2831d ago

you dont know DMC
kudos , at tony-red-grave

virgil and dante both play key rolls in dmc1,2 & 3
lets forget dmc2 never happened
to cut it short
virgil is date's twin brother, his rival
his liquid snake to solid snake
his wesker to chris
his shadow to sonic
his luigi to mario
they are basicly the same but diffrent fighting style
verigil is more sword base and dante use more his guns
get it?

Tony-Red-Grave2829d ago

exactly why vergil>trish in MvC3 he's dantes polar opposite story and gameplay wise. where dante hits hard vergils fast dante uses guns vergil has those phantom swords. dante has the bigger more powerful rebellion, or sparda, vergil has the smaller quicker yamato. that aside vergil uses a different fighting style, quick draw i think it was, MMA and well the only time there moves cross is when vergill uses yamato/force edge dual weild.

i'm positive in MvC he'd be a great addition especially with his darkslayer style and, if it were added, his NeloAngelo DT. in fact DMC chars, even nero, seem to be easy to add to fighting games with their style.

i'd agrue DMC2 but thats neithr here nor there

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Megaton2833d ago

Yeah, I mean Capcom only has so much to work with so even if they didn't want to, they'd end up with several good characters just to fill the slots. With Marvel they just dun goofed. I don't like a majority of those characters, and I'm sure they'll add the good ones as ripoff DLC.

boogeyman9992834d ago

Possibly no Mega Man? Wow... that's a pretty big "fuck you" from Capcom to the fans if it ends up being true...

Burning_Finger2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

Capcom reserves it for SUPER MARVEL Vs CAPCOM 3. :)

They are second worst publisher/developer right next Activition when it comes to DLC, add on and expansion.


NoobSessions2834d ago

Im interested in playing with Dante and Ameratsu. Sorry Marvel.

Tony-Red-Grave2834d ago

try Dante,okami, and viewtiful joe for that dev in common feel :u if your feeling badass dante deadpool and ameratsu

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