Geohot: Hero or Zero?

With Geohot facing legal action, the big question is whether his actions were justified or just downright negative towards the gaming industry.

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FrankMcSpank2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

Zero and a smartass punk kid. His mouth makes him an ultimate moron. Heard him on AOTS. He better keep his mouth shut or he'll be in jail for life.

EDIT, Thanks for the agrees, but here's where they may turn south...I won't be offended. What really pisses me off is Kevin(AOTS) basically was supporting Geo in his battle with Sony. Talk about how G4 really doesn't support Sony. He tried to make Geo look like some innocent person. But As I said, GeoHot is an idiot, so when asked what is next on his hit list he replied, "When is the PSP2 coming out?" God I hope he goes to jail for a while.

rockleex2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

Its under -9000!!!!

I-impossible!! @[email protected]

HolyOrangeCows2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

"Bu-bu-but teh Homebrew! Becuze we NEEDZ to do waht can easily be done on a PC on teh PSTREE, even if it leads to piracy!"


Like he knows the PS3's hardware so well? It took him 4 years and the only reason he ultimately got anywhere is because others stepped in and hacked it for him.

"He has nothing to gain out of it"
He clearly enjoys the attention and E-peni. Don't make a mistake about it....not everyone is driven by money.

DelbertGrady2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )


Instead of suing and removing features Sony should hire him so they can straighten out the security issues of the PS3. Win-win.

fantasygamer2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

Big Zero soon to be Inmate #146 an Big Bubba's Special Buddy

rockleex2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

He didn't hack the PS3. FailOverFlow did.

Why should Sony hire someone who didn't do jack, but only wants the spotlight?

Anyways, it was because of him that OtherOS got removed in the first place.

He claims he only wants homebrew on the PS3, when it was already available on OtherOS. Yet he wasn't satisfied with it. He wanted to hack the whole PS3 through OtherOS.

Why? So that people can pirate and create "custom firmwares" by tweaking Sony's official firmwares. That's copyright infringement right there.

Definitely not a hero.

gamingdroid2834d ago


He has nothing to gain out of it, don't profit from it, risked getting sued on his own dime and released the information public i.e. not only pirates can get the information, but the people actually interested in homebrew.

Xbox Media Center came out the same way and now it is a full fledged application that thousands of people are using.

Don't condemn the inventor of the gun, but the people using it for illegal and immoral activities.

gta28002834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )


That's why they provide "donate" links. It's just a way to say I want money but don't want to make it seem like I'm selling this stuff.

He does have a lot to gain. His "e-penis" seems to be what thrives him. Seems he wants to have a big one. Cause from what I've seen he loves the attention.

He probably felt he wasn't taking a risk because he's hacked other things and has obviously gotten away with it and he felt he was doing no wrong just cause he supposedly doesn't condone piracy. But nope, Sony decided to fire back and now he's in a position he didn't expect to be in and now I hope Sony screws him long and the full extent of the law.

MisterAV2834d ago

Do you trust someone that has the hobby of breaking security system?
Sony will never hire him.

gamingdroid2834d ago

We will see how the lawsuit pans out if any. At this point, it's not a real lawsuit beyond asking to remove the information Geohot made public.

Attention or not does not matter to me. To me as a developer I believe in freedom to run whatever I want on my console and Sony removed that with OtherOS. I strongly believe this is a backlash towards that.

Either way, we are now able to run whatever software we want on the PS3. Unfortunately, it has the sideeffect of hurting the PSN community, but I'm sure Sony will handle that.

RSPproductionz2834d ago

doesn't jigsaw kidnap those who have done wrong and make them pay? sony should just hire him to do their dirty work,

SWORDF1SH2834d ago

If you believe in freedom then Sony should be free to do whatever they want to keep their system secure. Do people want linux and homebrew when it would run better on a standard laptop?

Sony did this to save their console. Why should they stand by and watch their console pirated to hell and back?
Would you be pissed if you made a game and some low life scum sold it for a fiver for their profit and you receive nothing?

Same goes for the 360. MS had every right to do whatever they could to reduce piracy like ban users.

Every company is free to take whatever measures possible to protect their investment.

gamingdroid2834d ago

As a developer, I hate people pirating my programs. However, that doesn't change the fact that I own the hardware and should be able to run any program I want on it irregardless of the fact that there are other options.

Sony is in their full right to sue if is within the ramification of the law. However, Geohot is allowed to hack as much as he wants and release whatever he wants within the legal limits of the law as well.

HappyGaming2834d ago


A 10 makes things better
A zero doesn't change anything
A -10 makes things much worse
A -20 makes things worse (linux removed)
than does it again... (release of PS3 signing key)

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gta28002834d ago

Why does he keep getting credited for hacking the PS3? fail0verflow seems to be in this guys shadow and all Geohot did was release the keys and make a custom firmware..someone correct me if I'm wrong. And I find it funny that all this was so they could bring back "other os" and that is still yet to be made..or even be talked about for that matter..instead we just got custom firmware..emulators and a bunch of crap that's pretty much shows they're gonna start pirating soon.

MWong2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

That's why he & fail0verflow get a Zero in my book.

It was all BS, they said the firmware was to bring back the ability to use other OS's. To bring back software and features Sony has removed. They didn't do that. What they did do was release a security key to the world, why so they could say they did it?

Would people think these guys are heros when we see all these hack users start playing online games? When that guy starts using God Mode in CoD or seeing through walls. Yes we know it's been that way on PC forever, but it kills online play when you have crap like that going on.

Hacking the system is one thing, but the key still gets to me.

BLACKBOIJONES2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

Who the fuck disagrees with topgeareasy leave a comment and show ur self. Or are they hackers on n4g who are ashamed to show there self bcuz they know majority of us is against them.

Show ur self and dont just click the disagree button and hide in the dark, im sure u will agree when ur sent to jail and being ass raped.

mantisimo2834d ago

@ Black Boi.

Geohotz first night in the sin bin

Big Bad Inmate "Hey George we gonna play mothers and fathers now which do you wanna be"?

Little Geo *Thinking quickly so he doesn't get violated*
"errrrm Father please"

Big Bad inmate " Ok Father, now come on over here and suck on Momma's D*%K"

Poor Geo!

davekaos2834d ago Show
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NoobSessions2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

If people hate on this guy for hacking the PS3, do you guys hate PC, DS, Xbox, and Wii hackers? And the ones that lead the charge?
Im just wondering, because the hate seems somewhat hypocritical

Anyway, I dont like hackers that much, they take away money from developers that worked hard on the game

Kran2834d ago


Kinect hacks are fine because Microsoft have stated that they will not prosecute, because they too enjoy the hacks they see for the Kinect.

NoobSessions2834d ago

Im talking about hacks that allow for piracy.

rockleex2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

One of the few "hackers" I respected was the guy who found the save exploits in COD4.

It was so simple to do, and so simple to prevent that when he found it... instead of releasing it to the public. He sent Infinity Ward a letter on how to fix it.

He gave them one week to reply back to him that they'll fix it. If they don't, then he'll release it to the public to force them to patch it.

Everyone on the hacking forums were asking him to simply release it. But he actually waited for Infinity Ward.

Too bad Infinity Ward didn't even care. And the rest is history.

Andy_Elvis2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

People have hacked the PC,DS,Xbox and Wii and created home-brew apps which I can see no-one would be against.

For pirates? People would be against that for obvious reasons (devs not making money, moral-high ground) which the majority will be unhappy and angry with.

However, as I understand it, the online play has been compromised on the PS3. People have been hacking and cheating online, thus ruining the online experience. Check out the MW2 videos or read the MW2 part in the article. It's *THIS* i'm guessing is what is what everyone is getting angry at.

P1NKY2834d ago

It wouldn't be this bad if he didn't release the Root Key and allow any hacker to create/modify the software and sign it as being Official. I hope he does jail time for this.

Also if PSN hacking/cheating does get worse over time because of this there are going to be ALOT of unhappy people. It was Geohot who got OtherOS removed and now he may have comprimised PSN and ruined online gaimng on the PS3 if these hacks get any worse.

P1NKY2834d ago

I don't like hackers but what makes GeoHot worse is that he released the Root Keys which makes the PS3 the most open console to hack now. He could have easily just created some Custom FW and released that on the internet but instead he releases the Root Key. That is why he is a complete dick. If Sony went and removed OtherOS because of the risk of Piracy then what do you think they are going to do now?