Excess gamings linked to depression, bad grades

A recent study done by the American Academy of Pediatrics has found evidence that excessive amounts of gaming can lead to increased depression, bad grades, and social problems

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chadley4453d ago

BS! I play video games 3 hours every day and I have straight A's and I'm stoked as hell over life. This deserves a self high-five

PhoenixDevil4453d ago

In the article it does say that the 'excessive' gamers are over 31 hours a week, im similar to you in i play bout 2-3 hours a day but that makes it to be about 21 hours a week which isint much more than the average 19 hours that apparantly is ok.

while its an interesting idea it seems this research is out to blame gaming, it states that a socially akward person is more likely to be an excessive gamer, n therefore is more likely to be depressed. Its blaming gaming when its probably more to the point that they are socially akward not gaming, it doesnt concider alot of factors lyk that, as if us gamers need more sterotypes lyk that

chadley4453d ago

Why blame games for making people sad? They were sad before video games.

PotatoClock4452d ago

Exactly what I was thinking too.

I hate the way they look at the extreme cases of people who game and decide its gaming thats the problem, not the people, even though violence and depression existed long before games.
If gaming didn't exist I could imagine the same people would be involved in some other form of anti-social activities.

These studies never make sense as we know that as normal people who are gamers, we actually have friends in real life and do go outside, and more obviously, aren't depressed and want to shoot people GTA style.

Washington-Capitals4452d ago (Edited 4452d ago )

I can personally tell you that video games impacted my study habits a lot. Everything is bad when done a lot. Not just video games, you eat too much you become fat etc.... Everything must be done in moderation.

SasanovaS19874452d ago

i passed highschool with a 3.2 gpa, and i practically skipped once a week, played games over 60 hours a week, drank, played soccer, whatever a normal teenager add to that, its a pretty hard school too compared to others...dont give me that shi777777

sobekflakmonkey4452d ago

to be honest i sort of agree with the article, i grew up playing a ton of video games and i did pretty poorly in school and didnt really care about the social aspects of it at all, i mean i still out to clubs and bars, and i do know a fair amount of people, and most of my friends are very GTL, but still i can resonate with this article on a personal level...and i dont think i would consider my self over weight, or skinny and week, most people dont even know i play video games as much as i do...

nskrishna24452d ago

I easily clock 48 hours a week yet i'm top of my this 'study' is BS

seinfan4452d ago

I think anyone who obsesses over an activity is likely to have some problems in regards to other aspects in their life.

baodeus4452d ago (Edited 4452d ago )


wow only 3.2, man i slept through high school and still get 4.0. Just wait to you get to college though, high school doesn't mean shitz. But i do have a friend who is kicking ass in med school and still play game so much. So i'm not sure. Although i can't really vouch for his social life though, that guy is somewhat anti social and little mess up in the head. So there are thing that does apply from the article, but there are exception to everything i guess.

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Speed-Racer4452d ago

3 hours a day? wat a rookie

BrianC62344452d ago

I think the kids who have problems play games eight hours a day. To me this isn't a gaming issue though. It's a parenting issue. The parents should have limits on this stuff.

chadley4452d ago

You gotta play different games. Those who play COD everyday get obssesive. I am a video game collector, and I have over 300 games at my own disposal. Which is actually pretty food seeing as I get very small pay cheques. It's built up over years.

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Hellsvacancy4452d ago (Edited 4452d ago )

I got bad "grades" at school (GCSE) on the subjects that i hav (and still hav) NO interest in, like French, Religious Education, Physical Education, History, WTF? my school were BONKERS tryin to teach me all that rubbish

Chemistry, Biology and Physics i got HIGH grades, my teachers were blown away

As for depression, just watch TV, X-Factor, Eastenders the NEWS

So called "experts" say smokin pot leads to depression, id argue that it does the opposite, for me, it takes me outta depression just like gamin

Reality -> Depression
Imagination -> 1 happy mofo

Motorola4452d ago

Chemistry pisses me the hell off but that has nothing to do with my gaming in my opinion....its just for people that play too much and dont have their priorities straight.

Sidewinder-4452d ago

lol bro, yeah.

This eastenders storyline is one hell of a depresser.

branchedout4452d ago

Excessive anything is usually bad.

That's why it's excessive.

sobekflakmonkey4452d ago

agreeeeeed, you should have been the first person to comment..

AccountClosed570294452d ago (Edited 4452d ago )

Fuck it, I'll be the fourth to jump on your nuts instead of just agreeing. BTW, did you guys see the guy in that picture? lol, what a noob, that's not the way you play the 64.

Tru_Ray4452d ago

Well said. Moderation is the key. I am somewhat of a binge gamer. If a cool game comes out, then I will play it incessantly. But if there aren't any new games out that intrigue me, then I won't play that much. I probably average less than 3 hours a day.

This study is very biased and was clearly trying to contrive a particular result. Didn't they say the same thing about television and rock-and-roll back in the day?


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MarioWarfare4452d ago

I don't know about depression but social anxiety then yea, but I have no trouble believing the bad grades part

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