Disney Epic Mickey Walkthrough

Every time we see more of Disney’s Epic Mickey, the more reassured we are that the game is going to be as grand as its title implies. If you’ve been following our coverage of the game, then you already know the adventure begins when the iconic Mickey Mouse...

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chadley2830d ago

I was so surprised by how much I loved this game.

K922830d ago

Me too, I didnt expect much becuase of some of the reviews, but then I played it and thought this is a really good game.

chadley2830d ago

I dunno. I reviewed it at an 8.8 :P

K922830d ago

Yeah but an 8.8 is still a really good game in my book, as it's only 0.2 from a 9.0

gameguidedog2830d ago

That's good to hear since most reviews I heard were slightly mixed but on the leaning downside (for the critics)... and then everyone else who was a real gamer actually had lots of fun with it... as did I... so go figure right?