Analysis: How Xbox 360 And Kinect Nearly Toppled Wii In 2010

As part of his monthly in-depth NPD analysis, Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews examines how a revamped Xbox 360 and the launch of the Kinect led to an almost "flawless" 2010 performance by Microsoft as it chased market leader Nintendo.

The biggest hardware story of the year is clearly Microsoft's execution of its two-stage relaunch of the Xbox 360 platform.

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ConanOBrien2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

#1 is a casual console
#2 is a semi-casual console
#3 is a 'core' console

Among console companies..ninty wins because it makes money the most.
Among devs/'s a win or a lose depending on salez.
Among all gamers, none of them wins because 'most of them' don't make any money out of their fave gamez.

Reality check

aceitman2830d ago

ms can start a downfall on its sales if they leave out the hardcore gamer cause if the kinect sales start to go down in 2 months hardcore gamers will go elsewhere to pc or ps3 . thats what i like about sony they try to keep everyone happy.

Armyntt2830d ago

Just for the sake of argument. M$ doesnt have the "exclusives" $ony has but they still have enough plus multi's to keep the core happy. Atleast enough to halt "anyone jumping ship". I dont believe M$ is abandoning anyone. Of course they R a company and want a piece of the casual pie. Doesnt mean they are abandoning anyone. Just their focus might be on Kinect more this year and rely on 3rd party this year for the core.

aceitman2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

then where are the hardcore games at ,gears 3 and what else besides multi .. its not just me but alot of 360 guys have been waiting for some games to be coming out. each year theres less and less ever since kinect came into play. i am not a fan boy but i like to see some games for the 360 come out too . and give me a reason to see y i should still be happy to pay for live .. and i want confirmed games plz.

Armyntt2830d ago

Right now yea your right there isnt much besides Geow and multi's but i typically buy 5-7 games a year on each system and i could care less on exclusivity, if they are so be it. I mean each year i buy Madden/COD on the 360 right off the top. So that right there is alot of hours logged there. I plan on my most gaming this year to be on PS3 with LBP2.

30sec2830d ago Show
Objective2830d ago

Well, let's see what happens when Nintendo 3DS releases...

ct032830d ago

Moooooooooom, can I have a 3DS?

Sure you can. How much is it?



Armyntt2830d ago

Agreed. Cant release a HH at 350 bucks and expect high sales at first. I hate the sales arguments too. I could care less but 350 bones is wa too much.

Biggest2830d ago

Moooooooooom, can I have a <360 and Kinect, PS3 and Move>?

Sure you can. How much is it?

Long story short. . . Parents aren't very good these days. Enough crying and threats to call CPS and those kids will get their 3DS. They already got everything else.

ct032830d ago

Parents are more likely to accept that a "big" console costs money. Dad can play his sports games on it, or even play games *together* with the kids.

It's much more difficult to see this kind of value in a plastic handheld with a 3 inch screen.

zeksta2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

Kinect this.. Kinect that.. How bout we "Kinect" A device to the brains of MS/XBOX Employees that allows them to realize, we want Hardcore Games and not constant Kinect.

ct032830d ago

Sometimes I wonder whether certain N4G members could make it through a single day without using either of the two words "hardcore" and "exclusive". Probably not.

BloodyNapkin2830d ago

My main concern of buying a MS product now is "How Long will it last". If you think for 1 min i would buy a launch hardware product from MS after being burned 3 times. I would seriously have some mental issues if i bought kinect.

Now i understand new consumers that have never purchased a 360 before. But for anyone that has owned more then 2 xbox's would be a retard to buy kinect at launch. This is not opinion this is fact

eagle212830d ago

i'll add this to the title..

...But Lost!


edhe2830d ago

No. Massive gain in market share and mind share + YOY increase = massive win.

Sorry but even as a joke it just ain't good.

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