Video shows shocking Call of Duty: Black Ops host advantage, reinforces value of dedicated servers

A Call of Duty: Black Ops player has made a video showing the huge advantage that hosting players have in Call of Duty: Black Ops. He and a friend face each other on a server and open fire at the same time using the in game clock. The hosting player wins. Every time.

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Letros2924d ago

No point in b!tching about it when there is a platform available with dedicated servers.

Grin2923d ago

Why is this not a reason to bitch about it? All the PS3 and 360 players just have to STFU because they aren't on a PC??

Kazu0 Hirai2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Thats right Grin. If you choose an inferior platform, expect an inferior product.

@below: yes there are games with acceptable connections on console but it will never be perfect. dedicated servers is always the better way to go.

Dannehkins2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

How does that make sense when there are games out there which have perfectly accetable online connections? It's not the platform that's the problem, but we have all known that for some years now.

dragon822923d ago

MAG runs on dedicated servers and can support up to 256 players at a time without lag so don't give me that inferior platform bullshit. The reason the game runs like ass is because of Activision and their lack of dedicated servers not the PS3 or Xbox 360.

Take your PC Elitest crap somewhere else because that shit won't fly around here. We all know the truth.

BX812923d ago

@Dannehkins I agree! PC trolls... you gotta love them!

Dannehkins2923d ago

Thanks BX. I was beginning to think I didn't get my point across clearly.

@Fanboi, a perfectly good example to back up my case.

The fact of the matter is, the COD way of doing online gaming isn't generally the one which yields the best results for you connection and I should know, it keeps me putting me in Spanish servers despite beign set on Local.

Bolts2923d ago

I don't see your point. Killzone 2 and other PS3 exclusives have dedicated servers.


WTF this always happens to me since cod 4

DelbertGrady2923d ago

That's why I only spent less than 2 days on the multiplayer. As soon as I noticed that other players see me before I see them on the killcam I saw no reason to continue playing it.

It's amazing that a bug like this is in the game after all this time they've had developing the MP aspect of the Call of Duty series. Embarrassing.

Shackdaddy8362923d ago

I spent 2 days too on the multiplayer. But I stopped cus I got bored of it after awhile. Its just a repetitive game imo.

HK62923d ago

It's Black Ops. What did you expect?

BeaArthur2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

It happens in any game without dedicated servers. It's more noticeable in some games more than others.

soundslike2923d ago

The lower the health on players in a game, the less people will notice, but the more it matters. Its the same in any game with a host, but if the game sports higher health amounts, you at least have the time to react and make it somewhat even.

killalot1002923d ago

Man Im hurting for Killzone 3!!

TheGameFoxJTV2923d ago

Do KZ3 have dedicated servers?

skip2mylou2923d ago

yea all killzone games have had dedicated servers, a lot of ps3 exclusives do

killalot1002923d ago

Yes killzone 2 has dedicated servers but it also has that aim long that the devs put in. Killzone 3 doesnt have that and still keeps the servers ftw. Warhawk has servers and they are crazy good. I get 10 ping on a couple of their servers and its crazy awesome how fast the sniper registers a kill.

TooTall192923d ago

KZ2 and KZ3 do NOT have dedicated servers. There is a host advantage, but it was less noticeable in KZ2 due to the amount of damage it takes to kill someone and the lack of a kill cam.

Bolts2923d ago

WTF are you talking about Killzone 2 DO have dedicated servers. Almost all PS3 exclusives have it except for Uncharted 2.

Killzone 2, Warhawk, Socom, Resistance 1-2, are all dedicated server games. Once you get used to playing games on dedicated servers it's hard to go back to peer to peer crap like BlackOPs.

killalot1002923d ago

@TooTall19 Killzone 2 does have dedicated servers. You can even assign your ps3 to be a server like in warhawk. Their will always be someone that has a faster connection to the server then you but they are not host.

TheGameFoxJTV2922d ago

Then nice. Funny that PSN is free and its titles actually have Dedicated Servers while ive never seen a 360 game other than Section 8 have them.

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