NPD: Behind the Numbers, December 2010

Gamasutra: On Thursday the NPD Group released its estimates for retail video game sales in December 2010. It also released estimates for consumer spending on all video game content, including social games, digital distribution, and used games.

Not only were retail sales of hardware and software down for the year, but even with the additional revenue from the extra-retail sources, the full market size remained constant from 2009 to 2010.

Below we will look back at 2010 and pick out the big trends and then look forward to 2011.

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evilunklebud2836d ago

This is only the US!

First to say it!!! Yeah, baby.......

ct032836d ago

No, really? Then why don't you post an analysis article with worldwide numbers?

evilunklebud2836d ago

I'd be happy to comment on WW data..... but I can't be bothered looking for it. It doesn't mean that much to me.

Guitarded2836d ago

Only the US. You mean the ONE country that is responsible for nearly half of all sales worldwide? That US?

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RedRedSuitSDF2836d ago

I love it when people complain in NPD threads about world wide numbers... and those same people who say that you're ignoring the rest of the world, are doing the same thing by ignoring the USA.

USA is the biggest and most important place for game sales. Deal with it.

GodofSackboy2836d ago ShowReplies(3)
NexGen2836d ago

Wow, North American numbers delivered to Americans through an American website. How dare they?! /ss

siyrobbo2835d ago

N4G is owned by a UK company not US (future publishing) as far as im aware

NexGen2835d ago

I meant the source site, not the aggregator. Gamasutra.