Gamespot: Little Big Planet 2 User-Created Gameplay Movie (PS3)

A segment showing Asteroids, pool, and air hockey.

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topgeareasy3541d ago

can't wait but won't get the game day one

deafwing3541d ago

creativity is hard to come by but at least lbp gives you an opportunity to try

Minted3541d ago

The creation is going to be the best feature! Got exams this week and next week so I wont be able to play it until next week! Gutted...

Lirky3541d ago

TONIGHT I PLAN ON PULLING AN ALL-NIGHTER for lbp2 tomorrow, i plan on playing gt5,red dead redemption, and demons souls.

Plus its an experiment to test out stamina/energy existence im pushing myself to the limit. If you are going to join just do it at your own will lol (if my capture card was working id hold the all-nighter launch live on a gaming stream site).

Jrome3541d ago

No school all day tomorrow...and only have class 8-11am on wednesday ^_^...FK YYEEAAHHHH

DreamTension3541d ago

Looking forward to attempting to make a cool golf game!

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