Gamereactor UK Preview: Test Drive Unlimited 2

Gamereactor UK: Eden's sandbox title returns to continue its attempt at dominance in the genre. But as we discover, while it's looking for pole position, we're lucky to make it past the first corner.

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MGRogue20172884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

I'm buying this one on day one.. I ain't missing out on this! :)

@ disagree .. I am, so.. Sucks to be you. :P

creeping judas2884d ago

LOL at the disagree??

Day one here also!!

AAACE52884d ago

People seem to forget that TDU was designed for the Ps2 and released on both Ps2 and 360. The 360 just got updated graphics.

So TDU 2 has technically been in development as long as GT 5! Since they aren't putting a crapload of cars in it and they have had several years to work on it for next gen systems, I expect this one to turn out great.

Could have a potential sleeper on our hands here!

Dlacy13g2884d ago

I am on the fence on this game. I enjoyed the first one...but felt it left a lot of room for improvement. The 2nd iteration looks pretty good, but I am not overly impressed to the point I think it would surplant my GT5 and Forza 3 playing. Just not sure...maybe a rent first buy if I like game?

HK62884d ago

Looks good and sounded great up until they revealed the car list. Less than 100 cars? Come on you can do better than that.