Jigsaw Guru Confirmed for Xbox 360

Fairy Engine are to bring their debut videogame title, Jigsaw Guru, to the Xbox 360 console via the Xbox LIVE Indie Games Channel, it has been confirmed to Electronic Theatre.

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falviousuk2834d ago

Xbox is a hardcore console, it only does FPS, it doesnt have any diversity.

Dev uses own money, not yours to makes a different type of game to appeal to a different type of gamer.

people complain as usual .......


diversity is games like braid,flower or journey....

NoobSessions2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

Geometry Wars, ilomilo, Raskulls, Trials HD, Hydro Thunder, Magic, Shadow Complex, South Park Tower Defense, Lara Croft : GoL, Banjo Kazooie,and a bunch of more XBLA games

+All the great indie games that pour in, like The Impossible Game, Ezmuze, Beat Hazard, Solar, Miner Big Deep, etc.