Space Marine - Raphael Van Lierop explains all

@XG247: For a little more information take a look at our lovely little interview with Relic’s Producer on Space Marine, Raphael Van Lierop.

Otherwise feast your eyes on this glorious text:

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Seedhouse2829d ago

Seriously can't wait for this game, it's going to kick ass!

4lenangel2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

Wait. Without the names or any details, Who is the interviewer and who is the interviewee? LOL. Both are asking questions.

The game looks great. OT.

kramun2829d ago

Yeah it's an interesting interview method that's for sure lol. And yeah the game looks really promising, I have faith in Relic.

The_Great_D2829d ago

thats EXACTLY what i was wondering!!!!! what the heck kind of interview is this? this game looked great at first but they have a crap load of work to do on it if they wanna compete against the tsunami of games that are coming out this year.

jaosobno2829d ago

Ultramarines rock! I only hope we get to shoot chaos forces aswell!

Huwmor2829d ago

Lol at the way they handled the interview. That sounds Awesome! If there isn't a "surprise" appearance from another race, it'll let me down a bit (although he said exotic weapons, as opposed to saying ork, essentially confirming another alien species), but they want there reveal and they deserve it, which race, is still a mystery of course.

No mention of competitive/co-op multiplayer mentioned, odd, not even a question about it. Another reveal incoming? Hopefully, Ai can never replace real squad mates. All in all this is looking solid. Also firewarrior was cool, my mom said so and I don't care what you guys say.