Free Realms hitting PS3 in Feb/March

M2G Writes:

SOE president John Smeldey has been speaking regarding the companies upcoming MMO’s, and he has revealed that Free Realms will be the next title from the developer to arrive on PS3.

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TheBand1t2927d ago

So...what? Is it like, gonna be integrated into the XMB ala Home? Or PSN download for free?

sinncross2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

PSN download

I doubt Sony will allow this to be integrated into the XMB like Home because it could possible be detrimental to user numbers of Home.

On a side note, Free Realms is not exactly a top tier graphical title: I wonder if Sony will try and get SOE to release a PSP2 version.

Blacktric2927d ago

I thought it was also coming for the PSP before it got cancelled. So, I think there's hope for a PSP2/PSP Phone version. Anyway, can't wait to see how playing an F2P MMO going to be like on the PS3.

The Meerkat2927d ago


Free always sounds good.

Raendom2927d ago

Good good. Will definitely keep this on XMB. I like just wandering around doing mini-games and it's (a lot) better than PlayStation home imo.

2927d ago
Equinoxe_72927d ago

Home is a cash cow, you think its free, but many buy digital stuff, me too, im a fool, and i know it.

Mmmkay2927d ago

you might think xmb is free, but people buy avatars and themes as well... :) just got the uncharted 3 dynamic one.. sweet!

lucifon2927d ago

Home is an utterly pointless HD Habbo Hotel chat room. Can't believe anyone even wants to waste the gigs on their HDD with that crap, let alone 'play' it.

Jezuz2927d ago

well yeah you're kinda right. but it's fun playing chess with people on home lol

2927d ago
MysticStrummer2927d ago

Home made it's development costs back about a month after the beta went public, so apparently you aren't the ultimate authority on what's fun... sorry to break it to you. No one "plays" it, because it isn't a game and was never intended to be. It's a chat world, and a pretty good one, especially as a free download.

alphakennybody2927d ago

@ luci
well there are millions that uses it on a daily basis, which means they're doing something right.

WoshJills2926d ago

Home has 236 games. Try to learn what you're talking about before you talk crap on it.

lucifon2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Millions of little kids with nothing better to do, hence Habbo Hotels success. Doesn't make it a good thing though now does it. Stop letting the brand behind it affect your opinion.

@WoshJills - I knew that, it's still a glorified chat room with minigames.

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The story is too old to be commented.