XBOX CHART: Kinect Sports beats FIFA

Kinect titles have gained some ground on this week's UKIE/GfK-ChartTrack Xbox 360 chart, with Microsoft's Kinect Sports taking the top spot on the chart.

If anyone has any idea where this Kinect purchase influx has come from, feel free to share.

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green2834d ago

Microsoft must be really pleased with RARE because Kinect Sports has sold extremely well for a launch title. It also helps that the game is actually pretty good and a fun game to play with friends.

marison2834d ago

Kinect Sports is excellent. I normally do not play any sport game, but I could play Kinect Sports with my family for more than 2 hours.

This from a guy that is playing Mirror's Edge now...

evilunklebud2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

Have to chime in as well.... Sports seems to have appeal across several age demographics. Not tried online as of yet.

And it seems to give my 6 yr old and his buddies a pretty good workout as well. Win, win.

doG_beLIEfs2834d ago

Um Kinectafreaks? This is for 360 games ONLY.

Here is the full chart that includes all systems.

evilunklebud2834d ago

"Kinectafreaks"... I usually stay away from blatant fanboy twaddle such as this, but that's a good one.

AAACE52833d ago

@Dog beliefs

Did that help? Do you feel better now?

All they were doing is giving their comments on Kinect Sports! After all, this article is mentioning how the game has broken into the top 10. Especially in a region where Kinect was expected (mainly by fanboys) not to do well.

But you angered comment is well understood! This site has been bombarded with December's NPD sales and you probably just needed somewhere to release some anger.

doG_beLIEfs2833d ago

Relax AAACE5.....I was just having a bit o fun. Seeing the gushing over all things Kinect by 360 fans on this site lately I just thought I would put this into perspective. More than one of the comments on this thread implies that that Kinect Sports is the number 1 selling game across all platforms.

Where did you get anger from? I thought I was pretty clear in my sarcasm.

BTW I cannot respond if you ask me something so send me a PM...since I only have 2 bubbles....used to have 6. Went from 6 to 2 from my comments on GT5 threads...which in my opinion were not fanboyish.

Thanks dentz....I came up with it as I was typing. Feel free to use it as you wish.

Zir02834d ago

Damn it even beat BlackOps now that is a real achievement, well done Rare.

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Bigpappy2834d ago

Kinect Sports toping chartz in europe, not just US. This is done on an add-on which just launched 2 months ago. This must be some sort of new record.

M$ is looking pretty right now with Kinect still selling after the holidays. Two worlds2 coming around the corner and we still wait to see what is comming next.

Vherostar2834d ago

Erm no.. If it beat it total sales or beat it launch day then that would be an achievement but the fact it came out later than BO and FIFA.. This is no achievement.. The mass influx of these meaningless articles lately. Like MS outsold PS3 in US only and 1 360 game outsold a multi-platform game.. Months after that games launch.. That's nothing to be impressed about..

nygamer282834d ago

kinect sports is actually a good kinect game

8thnightvolley2834d ago

for it not to be a bundled game and get on the number 1 and beat black ops on the 360 thats saying something.... i havnt played it myself other than the demo but friends say its pretty good with family.. so might ck it out.

earbus2834d ago

I was going to get sports but decided to wait for brunswick bowling instead the bowling is the best thing on sports.

marison2834d ago

Bowling is the least played by my family on 360. On the Wii, the more played by a great difference.

Volleyball and table tennis is a must. Most played by my wife and me.

mac_attack2833d ago

Really, bowling on kinect is just like bowling irl. Now thats either good or bad depending on how much you like bowling lol...

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