First Images of X-Men Destiny

Silicon Knights released some new Screenshots and Artworks of X-Men: Destiny summarized in a slideshow.

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pedrami912884d ago

The entire game needs work right ?

DORMIN2884d ago

Yeah, looks like it needs a lot of work

what's with that main character? Is he/she customizeable or are they trying to make him look like Vin Diesel in Infamous Cole's outfit

thereapersson2884d ago

This game looks like it's an HD remaster of a PS2 or XBOX game. It looks ridiculously LAST-GEN.

Silicon Knights has really lost their touch.

TEFL0N_D0N_812884d ago

Holy, this game looks like PS2/Xbox graphics. Sure, artsy or lightened graphics can fit the context of comic book games but hot damn.

Stages are par, but character models are sub-par.

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Baka-akaB2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

It looks like crap .

Activision never get the design of those games right it seems , aside from the movie tie ins .

i know i'm harsh , but i dont care wich studios is involved . Those are comics franchise , the least you could do is get the design right

NYC_Gamer2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

too human all over again?silicon knights just cant be trusted.

RBLAZE19882884d ago

Idk silicon knights worked on one of the best series ever. Legacy of kain. If i had to guess i would put the blame on Activision. They are just using the x-men name to sell this game. They probably told silicon knights here's the ip, here's the sorry budget you have to work with, do something with it. We'll just sell enough based on the X-men name on the cover.

But who knows maybe i'm wrong and Silicon knights just suck now and aren't even trying with this project

Baka-akaB2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

There is no budget justifying how crappy it looks . The engine could be poo , i'd forgive it if it was great to play , and had a design matching comic books .

Look at the countless anime and manga licensed adaptations . Most of them got a crappy budget too , yet at least they manage to get the look . It's easily the most basic thing to get right .

They didnt get a proper designer , despite a vast choice to pick among comics artists .

Ame_No_Shiryuu2884d ago

well.., the screenshot is okay..., but i enjoyed the music pretty much...^^

EVO-OM3GA2884d ago

Sorry I maybe wrong but wasnt this game originally announced for the 3DS

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The story is too old to be commented.