Why MindJack Might Be The Game That Turns Square Enix’s Fortunes [HD VIDEO]

Square Enix has been in some deep trouble this generation. Their games on the consoles and PC have all, without exception, sucked, and they have actually been able to drive once revered franchises like Final Fantasy into the ground with poor releases like Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIV, a feat that many thought only Activision was capable of.

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Godmars2902928d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

From my own perspective I can't see how Mindjack will do that.

From day one this game has absolutely failed to gain my interest. Not that I'm really a shooter fan.

Also, can't help but make a note of the narrator's heavy accent. He brings up good points but because English is obviously his second language its hard to make out sometimes. Not to be insulting but subtitles would help. And as I said, good points were made.

gameseveryday2927d ago


Thanks for your feedback. Yes English is not my first langauge since I am an Indian. But ye, i hope I made some points clear and we will include sub titles from now on.