L.A. Noire contains 50 hours of dialogue

According to Team Bondi’s Brendan McNamara, L.A. Noire will feature more than two full days of dialogue. Presumably it also features subtitles and a skip button, or there goes half the audience.

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Dsnyder2928d ago

Id expect nothing less from Rockstar. I think GTA IV has enough pedestrian dialogue to last for days. Its too bad this didnt stay ps3 exclusive though. If they wanted to match Heavy Rain in facial deatail as well as motion ps3 would have been the way to go. Cant wait for this game either way.

Quagmire2927d ago

As much as i adore the amount of praise people are giving this game, I dislike it when they say "rockstar is doing a great job"

Believe it or not, but Team Bondi is an independant third party developer, and Rockstar is only publishing the game. They have no creative control over the game itself. Yes, Noire is somewhat reminiscent of Rockstar's GTA and 2K's Mafia game (all owned by Take Two), however all due praise should be for Team Bondi.

To put it into perspective, its like praising Microsoft for Alan Wake, or Sony for Heavenly Sword, or Activision for Bungie's new multiplat game, or EA for Insomniac's new multiplat game.

RAmar1012927d ago

yes they are independant but must have massive funding as a result. people often mistake this as a R* game i personally want to see more of it

CommonSense2927d ago

heavy rain doesn't even come close to this.

fail0verflow2927d ago

well HR had overall great graphics, so far LA Noire is only about good facial animations, everything else is GTA4 old

CommonSense2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

fine if you think that. although that's because all the animation in heavy rain was filmed, then animated over. and even then i wouldn't agree.

but more importantly, the comment was specifically about facial animation.

what's with all the disagrees at 6am? the fanboys killing time trolling n4g comment sections before catching the school bus?

Mmmkay2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

6am. lol. the internet is a worldwide thing...

fromasterjay2928d ago

Cannot WAIT for this game...

Led-Zeppelin2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Me too! You know a game is going to be long when the dialogue is longer then an average full play through of an rpg.

MGRogue20172927d ago

Oh my... They have been busy, haven't they? :)

CrzyFooL2927d ago

That's almost 1/4 as much as Planescape: Torment :-p Oh, spoken dialoge . . . whateverrrr fancy futuregame!


I hope the allow u to skip.. Im sorry but i cant go throw another long dialouge just like in mg4 which i skiped almost all the time

Spydiggity2927d ago

i'm sure the dialog in this game won't be nearly as winded and redundant as MGS

MidnytRain2927d ago

This kind of attitude makes developers think dialogue isn't important. But, in this case, as Spydiggity said, it probably won't drag on for extended amounts of time. Although, to be honest, this doesn't seem like the type of game in which you should skip cutscenes. It's a detective game, so you might miss something important.

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