Madden 12 Last Year Of NFL Exclusive License, Can They Handle 2K's Comeback HHGS 1/16/11

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2. Google Getting Into Gaming via Burnout?
3. Kofi Kingston From WWE Guest Stars On HHGS
4. Epic Mickey - 8.0/10.0</strong>

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NYC_Gamer2831d ago

EA cant handle 2k thats why they paid for that NFL deal

smoothdude2831d ago

I have never played a 2k football game, however, Madden has a huge following so I don't think it has anything to do with game quality. It was probably EA as they are trying to increase their sales by whatever means they can.

LoydX-mas2830d ago

Too bad you have never played. Look at what 2K did 6 years ago vs. Madden 11:

Yea, I know some of the details are not as good, but the gameplay is as good or better physics wise. And remember, NFL 2K5 was released on last-gen systems.

49erguy2830d ago

"I don't think it has anything to do with game quality"

Aw man. Its the equivalent of the Tony Hawk series, but for sports games.

dc12830d ago

Nothing beats genuine competition.

Where would NBA 2K be without EA’s Live (Of course EA hit a major snag in their attempt to bring a different approach to the game controls). .. you get my point.

poe2830d ago

Does Mahalo games know you use their content for commercial purposes?

dc12830d ago

Thanks for turning me on to them (not sure if your comment was directed at me.. and if so, not sure why).
Looks like the MVGT group just launch in November. They have a fantastic concept: TMZ turn style interviews for gamming. I wish them the best.

awi59512830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

@Truly hope this bears out
Know your history fanboy the 2k guys made the basketball games for the sega saturn. They were far more realistic than live then and that made live change from the arcade type games they use to make. So where would live be without them. You had full control of your players moves and special moves like the real players have in real life. NBA live was just a run down the court dunk fest in those days. I remeber the first live nba live 95 and the games the 2k guys made on the saturn was far more realistic gameplay wise.

The saturn basketball games were doing runners,spinmoves, fadaway jumpers, pumpfakes and crossovers in their games long before live put player controlled moves in their games. Those guys on that team has been ahead of the game for along time. And thats why their kicking Ea's butt.

badboy8082831d ago

2012 world coming to an end so we wont be able to see it

badboy8082830d ago

you tell that to millions of birds that are falling out of the sky and millions of fish that dying across the globe.

RockmanII72830d ago

Ok. If millions of birds are falling dead out of the sky I'll run outside and yell at them "Hey! 2012 got delayed! Stop doing that!" and they'll all stop and I'll be remembered as a hero for generations to come ^_^

seinfan2830d ago

But it's not 2012 yet. How do you compensate for this?

golsilva2830d ago

this is the best time for sony san diego studios to make a nfl game. if they can get their foot in the gate then they could have another sports franchise. they are large enough to make two sports games a year like they did with the nba and mlb games although the nba series has been stopped right now, maybe they will start it off again or make an nfl game.

OGharryjoysticks2830d ago

I didn't think EA's NFL deal ever could have prevented one of the 3 console makers from making their own first party NFL game as long as they paid up to use it. I always thought the EA deal just secured the license to stop other 3rd parties.

samoon2830d ago

Can't EA just renew the license?

Cmon HHG.

jukins2830d ago

they could but theres some monopoly and ethics issues with the license. and now with madden sales steadily declining the nfl is probably looking at multiple licenses. im all for nfl2kx but im actualy hoping sony can get the mlb the show team or another team just as good and bring back nfl gameday series. and oh yea there may be NO nfl games (video games or real life) next year if owners and players dont agree to a new collective bargaining agreement

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

''Epic Mickey - 8.0/10.0''

This is the 1st time I see a score below 9 from HHG.

jaredhart2830d ago

funny but true, he don't like Mickey Mouse.

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