The Ten Best Dreamcast Games To Buy

It’s pretty easy to find a list of the top 10 Dreamcast games or some similar scale but what games should go into that list? The Dreamcast had a huge range of titles and whittling it down to ten is pretty much impossible. So Casuallyhardcore listed the ten best games to buy. You won’t be disappointed with these games in your collection and they are the basis for any Dreamcast owner.

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BShea2835d ago

Great list. A lot of my favorites there. The only one I don't see there has to be Power Stone 2.

DA_SHREDDER2835d ago

Skies is still one of the best rpg's ever. You can get the Gamecube version and play it on the Wii. I wonder if anyone on here ever played Armada? It was freakin amazing.