Black Ops number tops U.S. sales in December and the year writes:

"The December sales results for the U.S. are in and although Black Ops has topped both the monthly and yearly charts overall sales are still down on 2009."

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wiis2859d ago

A lot of broken dreams...

ChristianGamer2859d ago

And in other obvious news, the Sun rose in the east this morning. Question is, will it set in the west tonight? More on this story as it unfolds

Darkfiber2858d ago

Why do people still buy these games? Are they actually good? Or do they just buy them because everyone else does, or because they think they are good because they are the only games they play and have no frame of reference to compare them to anything else?

plb2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

I brought but wish I hadn't kind of. For all those glitches MW2 had at least it was playable on PS3 and I found it to be more fun as well. Will trade in for Killzone 3 though soon

jeseth2858d ago

Yes, yes, and yes.

Black Ops had an albeit short but very good single campaign.

I only bought it because most of my friends and people I play with online buy it and its something new to play.

I know plenty of people that buy COD simply because it is COD. I know people that only buy the games people despise : COD, Madden, Guitar Hero/DJ Hero/Rockband, etc.

The average consumer isn't the person you find on N4G and other gaming sites. They don't have the time and/or money to dedicate on games they aren't sure of. That's why big franchises continue to come out on almost an annual rate.

And I will admit, for as much as I love and hate COD. It is a lot of fun to play online with friends. Not many games have mastered online multiplayer like COD. For all its faults its still above the majority of FPS games that come out.

shiner2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

They buy them because they think they are good and they are the only games they play.

It's so frustrating to have friends who eat this crap up, but have never even seen Killzones, Uncharteds, Battlefields, or any other games that are far superior. When I go to one friends house, I still have to play the GD zombie mode in WaW! Lame

Edit: @jeseth

"Not many games have mastered online multiplayer like COD. For all its faults its still above the majority of FPS games that come out."

Are you serious?

jeseth2858d ago

As far as consoles go. Yup.

I'll call COD out on all its faults but I'll also give credit where credit is due. COD's online multiplayer is about as good as it gets on consoles.

Other than COD, I think you could look at BFBC and Halo as tops.

Killzone 2 was good but the community was too small. MOH had terrible spawning and Map layout.

I mean, we could argue all day because at the end of the day its all individual preference but IMO COD appeals to so many because its user friendly enough for people to just pick up and play and challenging enough to where it takes a lot of skill to be very good.

shiner2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

I will admit, I haven't played Black Ops and probably never will; but I have played both MP and SP on every one before that (I stopped buying them after CoD4). In my opinion, one thing is certain. BF:BC2 MP kicks CoDs ass in every concievable way except trash talking 12 year olds.

jeseth2858d ago

Agreed. BFBC is also excellent.

If more of my friends played BFBC I owuld be more than happy to switch over.

I was hoping for more out of MOH but it just never took off like I was hoping. The thing that Black Ops did right in this iteration was take out Killstreak rewards from dominating matches. Instead of a helicopter, etc. counting towards your killstreak . .. your killstreak is only the oppoenents you kill. They also took out some BS perks like commando and stopping power.

But if BFBC can continue to grow I think it can take a good deal od CODs players.

Psycho_Mantis2858d ago

Sold well, but it sure did fail hard... and people actulley think CoD are good games?

MarioWarfare2858d ago

Can't believe black ops has same score as bad company 2 on metacritic, Reviewers seem to love call of duty

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