Wiimote Vs Kinect Vs PS Move

It seems everyone got a Wii, PSmove or Kinect this year, so what are your thoughts on them all?

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MariaHelFutura2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

Wii has alot of games, The Move and Kinects software kinda sucks at this point. I personally think the Move is the best device of all of them personally. Followed by the Wii, followed by Kinect.

How is my above comment trolling??? Ask ANYONE....the best game for Kinect is DANCE CENTRAL. If some has a problem w/ that they should be mad at MS...NOT ME. It`s the truth.

Tinasumsum2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

Because the MOD knows the point of your comment and thought it was flame bait. Pretending to have a non biased opinion towards non Sony products probably bugged him. The 2nd part of this comment is proof of your goal and doesn't even make any sense. You think Move and Kinect have crap software and the Wii has a lot of games but the defense of your comment is claiming Kinect only has one game? I think people are voting with their money.

EVILDEAD3602831d ago

Welcome to LAST year..

Another fan bloggger who doesn't own the Kinect trying to pretend to give 'fair' analysis on it..

I own all three and like the rest of the agenda driven fan kid blogs he article is FAIL on so many levels..

For the Wii he uses 'Wii Sports' and 'Raving Rabbids'. 80 Million people bought the Wii on the strength of Wii Sports. We know it works the world has owned it for 4 years now and it is the BEST representation for the Wiimote.

For Move, he uses Sports champions, Eye Pet, Time Crisis 4, Shoot the Movies, the PSN demos and plans to use Heavy Rain.

But, predictably at this point, we see a smeared Kinect review which makes it clear this guy doesnt even own the device. Instead of using the pack-in game Kinect Adventures or ANY of the best Kinect games, he instead he chooses to use one of the worst games on the system 'Game Party: In Motion as the ONLY game for his analysis.

So to be compare Wii Sports, Sports Champions and don't use Kinect Sports? Silly

You use Eye Pet for Move and claim that it is amazing the way you 'interact' with the creature and don't use Kinectimals for Kinect? If your 'amazed' by Eye Pet then your going to be blown away by Kinectimals.

It doesnt matter, what his opinions are of the devices or games but it's clear that this fan blogger loses ALL credibility when he clearly doesnt give all the devices a fair shake in a 'comparison' article.

But, we all know the reason why..this isn't the first or the last one we will see like this


lowcarb2831d ago

WOw...A couple bone heads think they slapped someone silly. Guys like you make me happy to see Kinect proving you wrong at every turn. DOn't get mad at me because Move sucks.

MariaHelFutura2832d ago

People on this site and in general in life make up their own intentions of other actions way to often.

I`m off to go play a game, I don`t have time to talk about this nonsense.

cereal_killa2832d ago

How am I not surprised that the JLM (Justice League of Muppet's) is here to use the same old tired excuses about there favorite $150 remote control

"Move is nothing more that the Wii mote"
"Kinect is the most unique experience"

lets see when it comes to what matters Quality, Games , reliability and playability 1.Wii 2.Move 3.Kinect
even if you add fanboy logic SALES Wii destroys all. Move and kinect have just launched with maybe more than 1 game everyone needs to get but in future uses Move wins against Kinect by far it's now a proven fact that for Kinect to even make anything but Kiddie carnival, Dancing/Exercise games there going to have to add a controller of some type (like the Wii/Move mote).

Kon below trolls are like gay people they can always tell there own kind.

Tinasumsum2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

"I`m off to go play a game, I don`t have time to talk about this nonsense."

The way I see it you sit around your PC all day every day waiting for 360 news to troll.

You don't have time for this my but! all you do is waste time trying to spin or downplay the 360 every day of the week. You chose PS MOVE because you're a die hard PS3 zealot. You don't have time for nonsense but why is nonsense the only thing you come to N4G for?

You guys are going to have to deal with Kinect being a success and Move not so much. You're so bitter you waste a Sunday evening trying to cope with Sony's failure by attacking Kinect?

lowcarb2832d ago

"I`m off to go play a game, I don`t have time to talk about this nonsense."

Or how about your out of bubbles and can finally stfu!

Tired of reading this Wimote and Move nonsense where there nothing more than generic wrist devices. Kinect is the only tech that offers true motion and immersion into gaming world. Move has not proved anything and is nothing I repeat nothing than an alternative controller created to confuse people into thinking it's on the Wii level.

Lyr1c2832d ago

Lol @ ignorance.

Tinasumsum accuses everyone of being a fanboy if they say anything even remotely negative about microsoft, and lowcarb accuses the Move of being pure wrist movement.

News flash! Kinect lags. Kinect lags alot. Dance Central doesn't even track your body. It only notices gesture movements like Just Dance on the Wii.

Move is the only motion control device that is anywhere close to 1:1 and augmented reality. Stop being fanboys. It's annoying.

The Wii has the games.

The Move has the hardware.

Kinect has......what exactly?

lowcarb2832d ago

Who the heck is this Lyr1c above me? Dude shut make yourself sound so clueless and dumb by saying Kinect lags. It's does not lag and that 1:1 nonsense needs to stop here and now because it doesn't matter. Move is simply not needed (because why)it's an option and a gimmick with no true potential other than replacing the standard controller. Kinect is where it's at so deal with it and quit spreading fud. That 1:1 augmented crap means nothing when I'm playing a game (no Lag) recognizing my full body movements and putting me actually in the game. You keep playing in the past with that Wii wannabe not needed controller. Just watch Sony try and answer Kinect with a new eyetoy and you change your tone with excuses.

Lyr1c2832d ago

Lol @ lowcarb.

QQ some more.

Kinect lags. You see how many disagrees you have?

I've played Kinect. Don't you dare insult my (and everyone else's) intelligence by trying say that it doesn't lag. Not everyone is a brain dead sheep.

Lmao...... "1:1 doesn't matter"

Right kid. And human's don't need water to survive. /s

Carlos_Irwin_Estevez2831d ago

lmao Lyr1c just slapped u silly.

"1:1 nonsense needs to stop here and now because it doesn't matter."

wow, that is pathetic.

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Kon2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

No surprise, you often troll in these kind of articles.

ExplosionSauce2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

- PS Move is like a super-Wii, in terms of tech within the controller itself, the PS3 system and the PS-Eye cam, which is well capable of motion sensing on its own as well.

- Kinect is a bit more of a full-fledged version of the PS-Eye(if you will), disregarding any controller input.

- BUT the Wii has the most software by a landslide. Main reason for that is that the Wii's motion controls are part of the system, while Kinect and Move are add-ons.

So when it comes to motion controls for me, it's the Wii and good ol' DDR :P

The real killer2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

You get trolled report by 360 fanboys, they don't like your comment as usal, i know that i have the same problems and mods do nothing about it, they like that people get reporting for trolling by fanboys.

"Because the MOD knows the point of your comment and thought it was flame bait"

Boy, you don't even know how the report system works? it's not by mods but by fanboys who cliking with many accounts on trolling report so that he get a ban for 7 days and bubble low becouse of his comment.

His comment has nothjing to do with trolling.
I'm get sick for this stupid kids flame Site, runs by fanboys al over the time.

ManGastaS2832d ago

Why people keep comparing kinect with Wiimote and Move?!

AWBrawler2831d ago

Because if it wasn't for Wii, there wouldn't be any motion controllers this gen

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Loner2832d ago

Kinect is the most unique experience out the 3

justinb12832d ago

pseye is a part of move. Your point is invalid.

HeavenlySnipes2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

fun. I don't feel hesitant at all to try KZ3 with the Move but I'm skeptical when it comes to the Kinect and non mini/dancing games. The Move also can be used in the fitness/dancing genre but thats not what I;m interested in.

PS. I didn't disagree with you, I tried the Kinect its unique and works but it isn't practical for gaming purposes.

Pixel_Enemy2832d ago

I don't care if it's is unique. The games aren't. They are nothing we haven't seen before and they are nothing that is of any interest to me. I play games like Killzone and that is why I prefer move.

EasilyTheBest2832d ago

Kinect for me and I have played them all.
Like Loner said, most unique experience.
And I know some of you guys dont like it, but the Move is to similar an experience as the Wii.

Lyr1c2832d ago


If Kinect is unique, then so is the Zune.

AWBrawler2831d ago

they are similar, but what is funny to me is: the games that are on kinect would be considered shovelware and crap if it was on the Wii. Heck some of you consider Monster Hunter Tri as crap, but Dance Central isn't? name me one kinect game that isn't of the same quality of the stuff u call shovelware on the Wii

if a pack in game like flinsmash is better than all your games, that says a lot. Kinect would have been cool and unique if they would have waited and perfected it, but instead we have a rushed product from a scraed Microsoft who desparately wanted to hold on to the number 2 spot.

Kon2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

Kinect. It is a new, fresh experience.

ShinMaster2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

New? Fresh?
lol ok

Kon2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

I know what your thinking. b-b-b-b-b-u-t the eyetoyz!!! Bah.

ShinMaster2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

So you concur, Lol

Besides, who said anything about the EyeToy?
The PS Eye on PS3 is more advanced, able to detect body movements better than the PS2 EyeToy.

Kon2832d ago

@Above PSEye and Kinect are completely different. If you have the time google "Difference Between PsEye and Kinect" Please, how many times i will have to explain this for people like you?

ShinMaster2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

Here you go
Don't forget the awesome games you can play on Kine--- no

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