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GameDynamo - "Developer Koei hopes to change up the tried and true formula with brand new features in Dynasty Warriors 7 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Despite its story and setting being based on the classic Chinese novel Three Kingdoms like its predecessors, Dynasty Warriors 7 extends the battlefield to include the Jin Kingdom while including new characters, weapons, mounts, and abilities, making it the most content-filled Dynasty Warriors to date."

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Kon2835d ago

What was the last DW game that was good? I don't remember.

Static-X2835d ago

Maybe DW5 for the PS2? :/

soundslike2835d ago

The one you didn't pay full price for and blazed before playing. There is a certain catharsis DW offers that other games, unfortunately, haven't even tried to outdo. Nothing like killing hundreds and hundreds of soldiers. Until someone takes the time to actually do DW better, DW still has a monopoly over genocidal action.

PS3Freak2835d ago

5 Empires was very very good. I'm actually playing DW6 empires right now and really enjoying it.

I love the fact that you can be a ruler OR a roaming officer that can work for whoever you want and did jobs for the ruler. Also, the card system is really good too.

I may be enjoying this so much because I took a 3 or so year break from the series though. I suggest that everyone do that if they are tired of the games.

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killcycle2835d ago

They went downhill from 3 imo, 4 and 5 still had it but 6 was horrible

dirthurts2835d ago

"It's Dead"
Beat it!
"IT's Still Dead!!!"
Beat it some more!

soundslike2835d ago

Wasn't Black Ops the 7th COD? Imagine if they said "seventh times the charm" lol

In a shorter time span as well.

outwar60102835d ago

maybe its just me but they all felt generic

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