CVG:Crysis 2 'needs 90-plus review scores to make an impact'

CVG:If developers want to make an impact in today's market, they need to put out titles that achieve review scores of 90 percent or more

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Jio2921d ago

It will, crytek knows what theyre doing

Xfanboy2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

. - beta

or pc..

& the level design look great!

If u think Im hyped for this hell yeah!!! I pre ordered so I want my money's worth!!!

StanLee2921d ago

Looks like garbage on consoles.

jidery2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

PC Fanboy alert. Crysis is pretty impressive, I would say the best looking FPS on the Xbox, and not that bad for PS3 standards either.

Retro_Zombie2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

Console version..that shotgun is bullshit. >: | Yeah looks good but looks amazing on PC. I think KZ3 MP has the edge on the consoles. I will be getting both though. Thanks for the vids.

sobekflakmonkey2921d ago

Too be honest, i fucking hated the first Crysis, i thought it was complete shit, and i have my reasons...but i will most likely be getting Crysis 2, i think it looks a lot better than the first, once again i have my reasons...I guess what im trying to say here is that im sure it will do fine in the review area

LunaticBrandon2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

If you thought Crysis was "complete shit" you clearly don't like FPS in general or didn't play it.

ct032921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

Just wondering, what did you think of the worm boss? That one was cool, you gotta admit, no?

Letros2921d ago

The second will play exactly like the first, sandbox shooter gameplay, you better just skip this one if you thought the first was "complete shit".

sobekflakmonkey2921d ago

im actually a huge fps fan, and i was mostly just not impressed with lack of good story telling, i found alot of the game to be monotonous, and the animations were honestly a little sad for cutscenes (example: The bridge scene from crysis:warhead...) I dunno its my personal opinion on it, i dont mean to trash a game i know people like, im just saying, i had some issues with the first crysis, and i think the second one is looking awesome.

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MariaHelFutura2921d ago

CVG is a joke. What a stupid headline.

pixelsword2921d ago

Yep; they're just setting this up so they can get a free copy.

cemelc2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

I just hope is better than the first game.

Not saying that crysis 1 was a bad game, but the plot was pretty bad, and gameplay was good but not great. The only thing i remember crysis for is the graphics witch were great.

Edit: also characters had none development at the end of the game the only thing you know about nomad is that his code name is nomad

cemelc2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

Sry for double post but:

At the desagrees on my comment the game has those troubles im not making them up.

I understand that you some ppl feel that im just bashing the game, but i really want them to fix those issues, if any of you desagrees where a fan of the first crysis you should ask for this in order to get a better game.

Not saying that it was god awfull but it could really improve in other areas other than graphics.

Jio2921d ago

@jidery, what do you mean by ps3 standards?

DigitalAnalog2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

Getting a 9.0 would be to difficult this year. Crytek may get 90's on other sites but I get the feeling it wouldn't be so high on IGN and Gamespot if going by their new standards this year.

-End of Line

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NYC_Gamer2921d ago

this game will move around 5 million copies

Pandamobile2921d ago

Easily. Crysis + Warhead sold almost 5 million copies on PC.

ct032921d ago

I'll provide the source. Page 10:

But the N4Gtards will still disagree. Disagreeing with facts is all the rage here.

Xbox360PS3AndPC2921d ago

Crysis Already Impacted Games, In The Graphics Department

WildArmed2921d ago

Technically Crysis has definitely made it's mark in the gaming industry.

And honestly, i dont believe it needs an 90..
even an 85 would be great..
I'm not too sure about the obsession the media has about review scores =/

Biggest2921d ago

Crysis made an impact on PC gaming. Most console only gamers have no clue what a Crysis is. Review scores might go a long way towards bringing those gamers in, but marketing will be a lot more important.

pixelsword2921d ago

They can give it 4 out of 100, if the game is good their stupidity won't mar the game.

Thrillhouse2921d ago

And gameplay department. The open nature of Crysis is incredible.

2late2921d ago

They had an average of 91 on metacritic with crysis. If it's as good as the original they should be safe.

Neckbear2921d ago

A few "gifts" to our friend reviewers, an easy mode disguised as a normal mode, and shiny graphics are all you need!

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