Adult Only or Mature?

According to the ESRB official site, twenty-four games with an AO rating exist, but only for PC or last gen-consoles: PS2, and Xbox.

Current gen-consoles [and hand-held] titles contain every rating under the sun except for one.

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Led-Zeppelin3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

If ya wanna watch naked ladies in a game then just watch porn?

MintBerryCrunch3805d ago

adult only or mature? whats the difference between the two...i could make a case for either that they are for audiences 18 and over...

mature and adult really go hand in hand

starcb263804d ago

Rated M is for 17 and up.

Gawdl3y3804d ago

Yeah, because turning 18 instantly makes you the most mature person in the world.

jeseth3804d ago

Just make one rating and make it 18+.

Who cares? Parents don't care. Until they make a way to ID a user as 18+ it doesn't matter what you rate these games, parents and others will continue buying their 10-12 year olds games filled with swearing, gore, and sexuality.

Then they blame games for things that go wrong with their kids.

IcarusOne3804d ago

It's beyond backwards, though, that you can eviscerate, mutilate, decapitate, etc, but the second you even think about throwing anything sexual into a game, it goes AO.

Brewski0073804d ago

Theres alot of immature adults out there. But dont think that qualifies for them not being allowed to play the game though.
And yeah as someone said alread, watch porn or visit the girlfriend if u want naked ladies in a game. happy days and everyone wins ! :)

Soldierone3804d ago

So wait, how many of you argued on behalf of the game industry to be treated equal to that of the movie industry? Yet you are here stating that "violent" games should get a serious rating that bans them from retail stores?

I've seen more gore in movies in the past year than I have in gaming ever. The worst possible game Ive played was Splatterhouse, and even then it had no sense of realism to gross you out.

Its graphic generated content. Games like MK purposely don't look as realistic as they possibly can for a reason.

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Acquiescence3805d ago

Why would you even want to watch nudity in a video game when your hands are already busy?

Unless you're freakishly mutated and have an extra set of hands or something.

Ducky3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

That's why the Kinect was invented!

Acquiescence3805d ago

Kinect was invented for soccer moms.

Kurt Russell3804d ago

Every time I see nudity I am not overcome with the urge to knock one out... You guys need to learn some self control.

zatrox3805d ago

Because you can't have actual porn featuring fictional flat-chested, cute 14-something years old girls doing suggestive stuff.

At least not without it being illegal.

TehUltimateNewb3805d ago

Eww, Zatrox keep that to yourself. People with their fantasies nowadays!

*goes to watch the gow3 clip*...

Bolts3804d ago

If you like violence in games so much then why don't you just kill real people?

Led-Zeppelin3804d ago (Edited 3804d ago )

Because its wrong and inhumane? There is nothing wrong with pleasing your sexual imagination, but killing someone?

Bolts3804d ago (Edited 3804d ago )

Then you just answered your own question. Looking at boobs in game...thats bad! Murdering and killing, thats just fine.

The way I see it, if I can slaughter hundreds of innocents in a game then there's nothing wrong with having some sex and boobies in that game also. I'm already playing a murder sim, adding a little porn sim into it shouldn't be an issue.

trevonn953804d ago (Edited 3804d ago )

are you el retardo?

conswella3804d ago (Edited 3804d ago )

Maybe they like to ban violence because it makes people think.
if that last fatality was that bad... then... hmmm wait theres a war going on somewhere.... hmm... the connections between this violence and a REAL war.... omg we must stop the war how can the U.S.A do this but to REAL civilians.... then starve their children by disrupting the entire way of life (IRAQ etc.)

if a little pixelated man getting his body chopped in half should be censored... then the real thing happening somewhere now, albeit with explosions instead of saws, is acceptable?

lets not forget they censor the wars too. dont be sheep, people.

censor nothing. ever. EVER!!!!!!

showtimefolks3804d ago

and no store wanted a AO(adult only)rated game on their store shelves

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Acquiescence3805d ago

The chick on the left has big boobs >:D


ALFAxD_CENTAURO3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

What is the ESRB in Japan? I'm sure there are more than 100 Anime games ''AO'' for PC.

Neckbear3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

ESRB in Japan is the CERO.

And, out there, the highest rating is CERO Z- easily achieved by normal Western games such as Call of Duty or God of War.

Moreover, Eroges usually don't use CERO ratings, nor do doujin (indie) projects. If they do, the ratings are given ONLY to the console versions, which come with all sexual content taken out, as they are "all-ages" versions.

3804d ago
Kon3805d ago

Adult Only = Mature?

Dan503805d ago

AO does NOT stand for adults stands for is NO ONE OF ANY AGE. Since NO STORE/CONSOLE will allow it.

TheGameFoxJTV3804d ago

Except the develeloper releasing it on PC. Since no one is in control of that.

LunaticBrandon3804d ago

Its only banned because MS, Sony and Nintendo will not allow it on their consoles and retailers won't sell them. A PC game that is DD only can be anything it wants.

Sheikah3804d ago

Actually, afaik, both Sont and MS were open to AO. Nintendo, however, would not consent with it.

This was debated on the front page beyond compare when Manhunt 2 was being re-re-revised to fit the "Mature" category.

As far as I recall, both MS and Sony decided to go with the "Mature" only argument for the sake of appealing to the soccer-mums (unofficially) - Nintendo won HUGE applauds for dismissing MH2 when it was ready for release (this ordeal ended up in a 2 year stall for the game, in some regions)

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