Destructoid Staffer's Ludicrous Ragefest On Cliffy B

Destructoid's Max Scoville belittled Cliff "Cliffy B" Bleszinski and his games. Scoville's argument is full of holes.

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MariaHelFutura2834d ago

Destructoid sucks. They just remind me of people who don`t like things only because other people like them...just to be cool.

Sillyace922834d ago

Just like the Call Of Duty haters

StanLee2834d ago

Destructoid is a garbage site. Their biggest draw is sensationalism and flamebaiting.

VenomProject2834d ago

Ha, no. Just no.

Call of Duty rightfully deserves its hate.

kancerkid2834d ago

If people can sit on here and bash Destructoid, why can he not bash Cliffy B?

The people on here are doing the exact same thing he do, but your Cliffy B is Destructoid.

No difference, stop being so mad about stupid shit.

He doesn't like big meathead games, as don't a lot of people.

acedoh2834d ago

Destructoid is like the National Enquirer of Video game websites. It has it's place but should not be included on Metacritic since they have a history of doing just the opposite in their reviews.

Baka-akaB2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )


Then again Cliffy produce games ... Destructoid just whine and bash . Have you ever actually received any info and news from toid ? I can say that i havent so far ... only (negative ) opinions ... wich everyone got (along with a body part we shouldnt name)

I'm all for criticism (and i dont even like much cliffy and his games) , but it's poorly done for all the wrong reasons .

kancerkid2834d ago

Destructoid is a blog, so no, I do not receive news from them. I read their reviews and articles because they usually have more honest opinions than most reviewers (them and GameCritics) and they also have info on smaller, indie games that doesn't show up on places like N4G.

Baka-akaB2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

It's does more than that , at least it pretend to .

Either way , calling most thing popular crap "just because" isnt more honest an opinion .

It's just being an attention wh*re and sensationalist . It's so abused that they are sometimes borderline schizophrenic , with sometimes articles from the same writers (and not even always sterling , even if the biggest "offender") , contradicting their own earlier opinion , just so they could be edgy , rebellious and trash something .

Again thing , is , i might even feel the same way they do about some people and game .

But they do it in a poor fashion , for all the wrong reasons .

kancerkid2834d ago

I didn't know that a score of 75 out of 100 is crap to most people.

Huh, learn something new everyday.

Also, if you actually go to Destructoid more than once a month when they post a new, 'bad,' review (like when they gave GT5 10/10), you would know that a lot of their articles are tongue-in-cheek and that they don't take themselves so seriously. They are just gamers talking about games and having fun.

Seriously, some people should just get over themselves. I am glad I can go to Destructoid and get away from a lot of BS fanboy crap that goes on sites like this.

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Active Reload2834d ago

Max can't seem to penetrate the very interesting backstory of Gears because of Cliff. Once he does that he'd be able to appreciate it more...or not. Max's hatred for Cliff seems to be to steep for him to be convinced otherwise. Cliff's persona...its okay, I guess. I have to wonder how I'd be if I'm recieving such hate all the time. But I saw the video and read his comments in the comment section and I seem to gather that Max thinks none of Cliff's games are worthy of the praise they've garnered. This is were I completely disagree with him. The only thing I can complain about with Gears, for example, would be the way the story was delivered in the sequel. Everything else though, I judge other games by, meaning gameplay preferbly, I feel Gears gameplay is fantastic! The graphics for me are in the top 3-5 range. And Max actually said none of the games Cliff has made have any style. WTF? All the games he rags Cliff about, are shooters, right? I'm sorry, in my opinion, when it comes to shooters, Gears has the best style and is second to none. Some call the look "generic", but you can't say that about the people who CREATED that whole look and style!

Everyone is privy to their own opinion, but lets not mix people's service they provide with bias towards their character. But then again, go ahead, its your given right...

jbl3162834d ago

lol I love the picture of Cliff B right there.

Raendom2834d ago

Scoville is the system by which chillis are rated by hotness. The worlds hottest chilli is 1.6M on the scoville scale, 1/5th the intesnity of pepper spray.

Other words, what I've wrote is way more interesting and valuable of your time to read than this article.

ChickeyCantor2834d ago

So is N4G.
So what are you complaining about?

Miiikeyyy2834d ago

so lame you still go on it ;P

Kon2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

What? If is lame why you're here?

ChickeyCantor2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

Im not the one complaining about other websites.
If you want to complain,start here.

visualb2834d ago

I approve this message

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