Irrational Behavior 8: Immigrants and Natives

It's time for another podcast with Irrational Games! In the eighth episode of Irrational Behavior, you'll get to hear from both the folks who helped found the company and the guys that just showed up a few months ago. They talk about everything from the work environment at Irrational to whether or not the studio even knows what it's doing. The podcast runs about 30 minutes long and is split into four parts: The Co-Founder, Immigrants, Gatekeepers and Natives. Ken Levine talks about just trying to stay alive in the industry, his ambitions for the studio early on, and how everyone has a "hardy respect for the unknown" when it comes to knowing how to make a game. This episode, titled "Immigrants and Natives," gives great insight into what it's like to work for Irrational, as well as dealing with the general challenges of maintaining success in the gaming industry.

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