Top 10 Best PS3 Exclusives of 2010

Playstation 3 owners have had one of the best years as far as exclusives are concerned, with 2011 looking even better we've tried to list down 10 of the Best PS3 Exclusives of 2010.

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gameseveryday2835d ago

There are over 25 PlayStation 3 exclusives this year.

I think sony shud use the tag below sometime during 2011:


Imtey2835d ago

We know. Coz we've seen this article about 10 times a day on n4g.
Seriously, whos approving of this crap? Does anyone actually enjoy reading the same lists over and over again?

Commander_TK2834d ago

The last time I checked, MBL 10: The Show and Modnation Racers were on other platforms than the PS3.

P_Bomb2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

Re. MLB10 The Show and ModNation...they're not ports on the PSP.

It's still Playstation for one and ModNation PSP has different courses and DLC. Gran Turismo PSP ain't GT5 either. Same with the PSP GOW, Resistance and Killzone games. LBP on PSP was a completely different game as well, different levels and music, everything.

A direct port is like Legend of Zelda:Link to the Past being on SNES and later GBA, but it's still a Nintendo exclusive in the end. I still consider Silent Hill a PS1 exclusive even though you can download it to your PS3 or PSP now, years later.

rvignesh90082835d ago

What about White Knight Chronicles?

MariaHelFutura2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

WKC is amazing. It`s far better than most JRPGs this gen. It just got hated on hard by reviewers for being a JRPG (that wasn`t FF).

Tales Of Vesperia and WKC are the best JRPGs I`ve played this gen.


No, and actually WKC is a lot more fun than FFXIII thanks to the multiplayer.

WKC 2 should be a lot better.

MariaHelFutura2835d ago

I`m fairly sure WKC came out in late 2009.

ForzaGT2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )


dagatech2835d ago

I think Dead Nation deserves a spot there, but I agree with most on the list.

halocursed2835d ago

I have heard about all of these before besides Modnation Racers. Is there a demo available for it?

MariaHelFutura2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

Yes, On the NA, EU and JP stores I believe. It`s a fun game w/ long @ss loading times. It`s a mix between Mario Kart and LBP.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

One of the most funnest games thanks to the multiplayer, totally recommended.


The only thing bad about the loading times is when you start the game, the Intro and the loading time before the main menu.

After that, you get ''used to it'' in the Modspot and races which this sections don't take to long as the intro loading time.

Whackedorange2834d ago

Modnation Racing, GT5, God Of War and Heavy Rain are the only exclusives on ps3 that is worth mentioning and im excited for 2011 cause it seems the number of exclusives worth mentioning is atleast going to triple in honourbility.

P_Bomb2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

Odd, I enjoyed Yakuza 3 more than two of the four games you mentioned as worthwhile. I'd squeeze in the Sly Collection too.

Hmm, for PSN games I'd probably swap out Echochrome 2 and Joe Danger for Dead Nation and Soldner X-2 personally

Whackedorange2834d ago

The sly collection is great but i wont call it new and exciting cause if you have been a sony fanboy for a long time you have allready played thoose on the PS2

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