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Voice-acting is a pleasant, but thankless job. Often, that millions of gamers do not know the actor who lends voice to some cool hero. Meet them right now. Part 1.

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whateva2921d ago

that's crazy & now that I think about it he does sound like him lol

Joni-Ice2921d ago

It sounds like him because it is him.

TheLastGuardian2921d ago

I wish I had a great vest like these guys.

Darkfiber2921d ago

This is the strangest most random voice acting list I've ever seen. Most of these are just bad or not memorable at all. Very few I would consider "great", and some are just completely random, like minor characters that appeared in one game and no one has ever heard from them again. So weird.

BakedGoods2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

Are you QQing because Gears of War or Halo characters didn't appear on that list?

Funny how butthurt fanboys get.

In all seriousness, almost none of those characters are 'minor'. Not to mention many of the actors themselves are famous for other things (See Ironside, Hayter, Sheen, Dorn, Liotta, Diesel.)

So in short, what the $#%& are you talking about?

Darkfiber2921d ago

Actually, John Di Maggio from Gears of War (Marcus Fenix) did appear on the list, if you actually read it.

Furthermore, you're an idiot. I really didn't care for Gears, and I have never played a Halo game in my life, apart from the first one for maybe half an hour at a friend's house one time.

Where to start... Michael Ironside was terrible in Conviction. He sounded like he was wasted the entire time. Hayter is iconic as Snake, yes, because the series is popular and he has a unique voice. In terms of acting skill, I wouldn't say he was the best. Martin Sheen was adequate in Mass Effect 2. I liked him, but it was one of the most memorable performances I have ever heard in a video game.

As for minor characters, I would hardly say "the dude who was Deckard Cain in Diablo" is one of the greatest voice actors of all time. Or "the guy who played Kyle Katarn in Jedi Knight 2". I mean, really?

As for Ray Liotta, all I can say is, I played the hell out of Vice City (still my favourite GTA game) and I don't think I ever even realized who that was. He is known for his movies, but as a voice actor in that one game, he didn't really leave his mark. And I don't think anyone in the world would ever consider Vin Diesel to be one of the greatest actors of all time, just saying...

As for the random "fanboy" comment, and being "butthurt", where did you even get that impression from what I said? Yeesh.

BakedGoods2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

@ Darkfiber

Good call, I missed page two.

Some of the characters on the second page are a bit more minor, but the article as a whole is hardly characterized as 'random'.

Ironside had been doing Splinter Cell for years, he's arguably more famous than Sam Fisher *because* of it.

Hayter *is* Snake, don't forget it. Not to mention an accomplished screenwriter.

Deckard Cain is to Diablo as Obi-Wan is to Star Wars. The actor might be relatively unknown, but it doesn't make it any less interesting, especially when you consider his other gaming credits.

And Liotta? So, let me get this straight: An actor portrays a character so well you don't even recognize the voice behind the game? That's a bad thing *how*? Do me a favor, look up Mark Hamill as Joker.

My apologies for thinking you a fanboy. I just couldn't relate to such a knee-jerk reaction to an otherwise decent list. Sure the title is over-exaggerated, but not as much as your comment.

Ponurasky2921d ago

Where the heck is Simon Templeman?

bacrec12921d ago

Its either Ironside or TC Carson.

JS1HUNDRED2921d ago

Approved with such an obvious spelling mistake in the title. Way to go.

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