10 PS3 and X360 Games That Flopped Miserably

GB: "There have been so many games in the industry that were overhyped. In the end they went on to become such huge flops that their names will never been forgotten just due to the fact that these were a combination of both commercial and critical failures.
Today we take a look at 10 such PS3 and X360 Games That Flopped Miserably."

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cyborg2831d ago

were real disappointments for me. I liked LP 2 thought it could have been much better

gameseveryday2831d ago

LAIR has to be the biggest flop this generation. It was hyped up so much!!!

4221852831d ago

Don't forget Alan Wake, Just like the person that wrote this article.

ApexHell2831d ago

lair is good your on crack

Clarence2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

Nice try Alan Wake was hyped way more than Lair. Also APB was on PC not the PS3 or 360.

lucifon2831d ago

Difference is Alan Wake is actually a top notch game and even won some GOTY awards.

Muitnorts2831d ago

Yeah I'd hardly class Alan Wake as a Lair or Too Human style flop.
It may not have sold all that much but I really enjoyed it and plenty of others did too.

Snatcher2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

Alan Wake??? Why even mention Alan Wake? That game didn't flop, it was very good game. The metacritic score speaks for itself... 83/100.

If Alan Wake deserves to be on the list, than Gran Turismo 5 deserves to be in it aswell!!!!

4221852831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

The reason I brought up Alan Wake was because I read the list and it included a lot of games that were overhyped or that didn't sell well which is what Alan Wake was? :/
@cez of rage
I agree it was a good game but as I said I whent by what the article said.
BTW don't call me a troll i've read some of your past comments, You're a well know troll

HolyOrangeCows2831d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

"Difference is Alan Wake is actually a top notch game"
Short, repetitive, low res graphics, not always very thrilling ("PSST! HEY! Look over here! It's the thing we're about to surprise you with to scare you! Ready? Here it comes!"), required DLC to truly finish story....what constitutes a "top notch" game to you?

Haze and Crackdown 2 specifically made me want to vomit. Crackdown 2 didn't give you half the amount of reason to use half of your powers as in Crackdown, the focus was on a BORING enemy, and it was mostly recycled from C1 (Which took them less than 12 months dev AND production time). Haze was sounding like a good game, but in the end, everything except the concept was awful.

"I think the biggest complaints seem to be coming from people who actually can't play the game since it's exclusive to the 360"
Whatever helps you sleep at night, Cez.
It got a 70 on Metacritic, and whether you want to believe it or not ("ZOMG! 70 is teh GOOD scorez!"), that's awful by the inflated Game scoring system that we've seen this gen.

32 disagrees, 0 rebuttals. Angry fanboys are angry because they know what I said is true.

chidori6662831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

the haters only call Lair it a terrible game cus they judge after playing for only a little while

at first it will be rlly difficult to control but after u get used to it its excellent

i highly reccomend this game.

JoySticksFTW2831d ago

LAIR only flopped for two reasons...

The devs (or Sony) were too stubborn to give the gaming press and some fans what they wanted...just the option of regular controls instead of forced motion controls.

The gaming media's PS3 hate was at an all time high when LAIR was released. So much so that they couldn't take more than ten minutes to get used to the six-axis controls which worked perfectly for this game, and used the forced motion control as reason to down the game.

I will say though that I still used the motion controls for LAIR even after regular controls were released.I only wish that it sold well enough for a sequel, but that won't happen for this game or Heavenly Sword (another underrated early PS3 release)

Try them out if you have a PS3. You should be able to find both dirt cheap now.

ExplosionSauce2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

LAIR wasn't great, but I don't remember it being hyped much.

The most attention it ever got was from people like you who say the same things you do.

Also, what is considered a "FLOP"?
A game that scored way bellow expectations or a game that didn't sell very good at all.

Lord_Doggington2830d ago

okay lair was hyped a lot. it was hyped along w/ afrika, mgs4, and killzone 2 back in the day

i remember them showing off the tech videos and bragging about the control scheme

those who compare it to alan wake:


Alan Wake: 83
Lair: 53

Tainted Gene2830d ago

but Metacritic does show that as true so why disagree???

Dee_912830d ago

i liked LP2
but those DAMN CHECK POINTS !!
do a level for 30mins and you'd think you hit a check point soon
nope you die
start all the way over i hated that

Sarcasm2830d ago

Is this a flop in terms of game play or sales?

Cause FFXIII should have been in that list.

llMurcielagoll2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

I really do not understand why Lair had a really bad review from some game reviewers and I certainly do not understand why the game is hated so much..

I bought the game, the graphics are great, the six-axis control is great (TO ME) I didn't complain about six-axis flight control being crappy at all and since reviewers are telling the world that the flight six-axis control sucks then they probably have a rather "different" definition of good six-axis flight control. Well if this is bugging everyone that is against it, if you played Lair recently and updated it you will notice that they have added an option to switch between six-axis and analog control plus they added vibration function when Dualshock 3 released.

I like the game's story. Though the missions could be a pain the butt sometimes with their timers as this is the only thing that is a little annoying about it but once I got the hang of it, it was fine.

LAIR released few years ago and people are STILL hating it. I heard from a friend (Not sure that is true) but he said LAIR was a big hit in Japan and got good reviews and people liked it.

All in all, I like Lair, still like it and I will not let a crazed Lair hater to change my mind about it.

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GrandTheftZamboni2831d ago

I thoroughly enjoyed Haze. I couldn't care less about graphical glitches here and there. I think it sold a million, so it may only be a critical flop. Even that's arguable since I hated and couldn't finish some highly acclaimed games.

LiLTich922831d ago

i was just about to think that i was the only person to enjoy haze :P

mastiffchild2830d ago

The core shooting in Haze is as good or better than any other console shooter this generation, imho, but the fact is the game as a whole suffered from the worst writing and acting EVER in a high profile title. There were gaping holes in the quality, visuals and even in the MP design. Sadly, though, I think it was the politics surrounding Haze that killed it. Middleware was pulled, it went from multi to exclusive and they had the game looking and running better(according to many reports) a year before the delayed release and having to put in their own middleware bits nd pieces like GFX and physics engines rushed through in house.

Still a cool idea for the game and for MP but the plot would still have been the same and, to me, was the worst thing about Haze, apart from that they had excuses I feel.

Lair, imo, could be saved even now. Maybe move controls or tweaked trad and sixaxis ones to go with a trophy patch and plat release-a mini map and a few more on screen enemies patched in and you'd stop the losing your way stuff and have the experience we all expected cos even now it's still a bit of a looker and when it's going well it's a great game. Those few changes would take it from a flop to a decent game with flashes of brilliance. Similar could be true for Too Human, in all honesty but to me there's just an issue with how that game hangs together and people expected either more RPG or more action-it just wasn't sure of itself and people weren't sure of IT. It needed the flab taking off and a bit more direction-it was like you could see how it coasted through ages of dev time.

Point is, most of these games COULD have been pretty good and a couple had the chance to be excellent-and could be sorted out even now if anyone had the inclination. I , personally, think lot of early PS3 exclusives and multis could get a lease of new life through a trophy patch-Lair, HS, Folklore(good game) VC and even a biggie like MGS4. A lot of people will have missed these games and a trophy patch would pay for itself in minutes on budget releases of titles like these-might even ctop NT crying about the sales of HS even though they're miles better than Enslaved on TWO platforms.

CrIpPeN2830d ago

APB isn't on PS3 or xbox 360 far as I know.

Lord_Doggington2830d ago

Afrika was a FLOP remember this trailer?

White Knight Chronicles was a FLOP....remember how awesome you thought this was?

Final Fantasy 13 was a FLOP...remember?

Eye of Judgement was a FLOP...remember how cool you thought this was?

The reason why no one has mentioned them is because they were so FLOPPY that no one even REMEMBERS them.

That's a real flop.

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Urmomlol2831d ago

Another pointless, hastily written Top X list from Gaming Bolt produced just to get the fanboys all upset and get cheap hits from them.

Here's an idea, GB. Instead of just pandering to the lowest common denominator with lists that read like you threw them together using Wikipedia and ten minutes of work, why don't you actually try writing something of genuine substance?

It sounds like I'm being a dick, but c'mon --I've seen some of your guys better work, and this simply isn't it. This is bottom of the barrel "journalism," the kind of generic crap you'd find in a tabloid rag than a newspaper.

gameseveryday2831d ago ShowReplies(7)
jerethdagryphon2830d ago

hazes writeing wasnt bad if you take the story into account nectres sides dialouge makes sense and works the hands not so much

nectres troops are all high the entire game thats why there so enthusiastic some of the comments made in the game are icredibly poignant

the pilot of the transport who asks if you can see him thats not random, it means he still relevent,
haze had a good story except the end.

lair had an amazing story and gameplay controls not so much

halocursed2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

Crackdown 2 seriously? I thought it was pretty good.

garrod2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )


Active Reload2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

Don't worry Halocursed, I love CD2 also. But still, it twas a flop!

Cajun Chicken2831d ago

Yeah, but did you play Crackdown 1 and Prototype prior to Crackdown 2?

I found Crackdown 2 to be a terrible sequel hardly improved anything and was just more of the same with less personality.

Active Reload2831d ago

Prototype? WTF? Lol, seriously, even you have a preference.

Inside_out2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

Crackdown 2 is a pretty good game and offers far more than all the single player games that came out this year that you play once and never again.

I picked it up over the holidays for 19.99 and look forward to playing it through. I will agree with the sentiment that it's not as good as the first game and would of preferred a different location and NOT concentrate on the Freaks but over all the game is solid and had some nice game play additions. Different strokes for different folks.

People complain about the graphics but the whole cell shaded, comic book look is the style of the game. It also has one of the better physics game play engines around...besides, like David Jaffe like to say about his new game Twisted metal concerning it's poor's 720p/30

I think the biggest complaints seem to be coming from people who actually can't play the game since it's exclusive to the 360...O_o

Here's some game play achievement vids for those interested...

To the troll up above with the original handle ( 422185 ), Alan Wake's reviews were solid as was it's game play and incredible graphics...but you know

InTheLab2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

Orb collecting. The main and only draw from an otherwise aweful game. Actually, I also love the voice of The Agency. I don't think it's about fanboys hating a game they can't play. I'm sure there's some of that but those haters happen to be right. C2 should have been amazing, but MS failed to support Ruffian Games with C2 and it shows. 1 mission for the entire game, same bland city + damage, and they somehow ruined parkour with those low hanging awnings that screw you over while climbing.

Alan Wake was one of the best games of 2010. I have no idea why people hate on Alan Wake, and it's sad and shocking how so few 360 owners did not support such an awesome game. I guess people don't like different..
@dude that said GT5 should be on the list...
GT5 sold 4m+ and has a solid metascore in the 80s. It's actually my favorite racing game this gen, but I understand why some don't like it. It's not a simple pick up and play game like every other racer and outside of A-spec beginner through pro, it is the most challenging racer this gen. I can do things in FM3 that I can only dream of doing in GT5 or real life for that matter. People might not like my saying that, but it is the truth.

dragon822831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

I love Alan Wake. I think it is one of the most underated games this generation and is my favorite Xbox 360 game. That said, there is nothing "incredible" about the graphics.

ShinMaster2831d ago

Halo can't even do 720p dude.
Gosh, some people just try too hard.

mastiffchild2830d ago

Crackdown2 is a flop largely because if you have played the original there's little point paying for the sequel. Crackdown is just the better of the two games and as a SP experience it's so far above C2 it isn't even funny. The online co-op is the only improved area but even then it tends to end up being more messing about with what you can do than any great gameplay or exciting battles.

Besides, an open world game sequel with what amounts to the exact same world map plus some soot and decay is criminally cheap. I think that as DLC(premium DLC at around £15)it would have been brilliant fun to mess about with but without a good SP component(and C2 is a shit SP game which exists just to chase orbs as your enemies are all so weak and there aren't real bosses anymore)calling it a true sequel in the same city is poor. I actually think hd they released it as DLC they'd have sold more,made more money as they'd have had lower overheads by avoiding disc and retail outlets and made a ton towards a true full fat Crackdown2 down the line-not IDK if we will ever see another and that's the real shame.

Alan Wake is only a slaes flop really. I mean MS or Remedy(whichever made the choice) are totally out of order after stringing PC gamers along for FIVE sodding years only to drop their version at the last minute. Then they gave a BS reason-"erm,yeh, this kind of game isn't as good to play on a PC"-WTF? I LOVE playing survival horror games alone at my rig, in the dark, in the small hours with headphones on and sound up and no family distractions like you get playing it on the sofa and TV!! Also, I guess it's kind of a let down when we remember the game we were all told to expect in the first pl,ace-that WOULD hve been amazing. As it is, though, AW is just a good game with repetitive gameplay and enemies, dodgy stevie King obsessions and a DLC which made buying the game feel like an incomplete package on it's own. Good game, if a bit samey, that Remedy tried to hamstring but not a real flop-a lot of games sell worse than AW too-and it was under promoted when the time actually came-esp for an MS game. Funny, too, fter all the hype of earlier years and still makes me angry to think how they treated PC gamers.

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-Mezzo-2831d ago

Back then Lair was my most anticipated title & when it was released, i was so disappointed in it, it has to be the biggest disappointment for me this gen.

hatchimatchi2831d ago

I think lair is a cool game but the controls suck. I don't think they're as bad as people made them out to be but they are frustrating at times. It was so dumb to force motion into the game and by the time they released a patch for regular controls the damage had already been done and everyone had moved on.